Sunday, June 26, 2011


Maybe most of the men will think only gay guys (No offence, Attention: I RESPECT, all my gay & straight friends) really take care their own skin and choosing the right products that they should use in their daily life. That is NOT true. What era are you living in? A man should also take care their own appearence. I don't think so that your partner loves to see you with bad pimples or unbalance colour skin tones. We as men should take care what we have. Don't you wants to be the next James Bond? If don't want to be so fancy like girls did..then try visit a store that selling Men skincare product (eg. Watson) you can easily get any good men skincare product. You should try it!

Recently, I went to Suria Sabah to check few clothing and shoe stores there. Clumsy me, I didn't know that Chanel outlet already move to Suria Sabah from Wawasan Plaza. There was my mum so excited saw her favorite brand perfume Chanel No.5. I'm quite sad to see her very excited but still not in the mood to shop like super crazy. In my mind, I want to purchase it for Mother's Day. Tutup mata saja bah..mummy saya juga kan. Bayar sekali with my 2 bottles Chanel fragrance for Men. The minute I reach my hands to the 150ml (If I not mistaken) she said to me, Where I'm going to wear it,my dear son? Your dad is no longer with me..let it be a good memory my dear son. I prefer to use what I have now. Just treat me good and belanja me makan at fancy restaurant that will great. Even the salegirl look sad after listening that kind of statement. Then, my mum get miniture of  Chanel No.5. Awww..I really thank you and pray for the beautiful heart of the salegirl. May God bless you. Then, I get few skincare sample for me to try and see the result. Ohh yes, I will try it. I never try Chanel Skincare product before. I will buy it as soon the sample finish and I get the good result. So far...Lately, After I using it my skin more balance, less oily and no rough skin after washing my face. Everything..buleh-buleh lah kunun..kasi ok ja bah. Lagipun, Saya bukannya model cuma insan biasa yang mempunyai masalah seperti orang lain juga.

Coming soon I will try this sunblock.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Small Dream with BIG hope: My dream Mini Walk-in Wardrobe

I hope that with space It can see my stuffs neat and tidy. NOT to show off what brand I own. I don't carry that kind of attitude because my parents never ever teach me to be a big head and show-off person.

Last few days, my colleagues and I had a good conversation at our lovely office pantry discussing about what will be our next big (future) plan. We talk about marriage,some about investment and money management until I spilled good topic about House..Dream Home. It quite interesting to listen many opinion and good plans from friends older than you. Glad I did spill my ideas. Yes, I do give some of my daydreaming plans but deep inside of me. I got few big dreams but I can't share it here. Soon, If everything in place..the first thing I will share it here with beloved readers. After long talk plus sharing mixed with discussion. I back to my desk give a 5 minutes fast and rough sketch of my dream room with my own luxurious mini walk-in wardrobe taste. For me, It is simple and compact in one bunk built-in wardrobe. As soon I back home from work, I draft it properly into a clearer image. Well, I can said that I'm not a Interior Designer; who can sketch in perfect form.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sketch Design: I Miss It!

My not so perfect artwork

One of my previous artwork. Surprisingly, this sketch already sold to a quite famous young Interior Designer as his art-deco.

I would said that I had the most boring weekend last week. I even don't know what I'm doing to do. Past few weeks my schedule keep on changing from work,events and private party invitations. It surpose to be a hectic weekend like always. Then, I decided to do some sketching. Quite weird that saturday evening. I don't even have the mood to sketch that I normally do. Its been a year I didn't do any sketching. Normally, I will sketch women garments with complete collection. That evening, after I read Glam Lelaki magazine..then in the sudden I saw my Jakel bag on the rack. I just realized that there few good quality fabrics that I purchased. OMG! sebelum jadi kain buruk much better I do some simple sketching then bring it to my favorite tailor at Centre Point, Kota Kinabalu. So, I do simple sketch for my shirts,blazers and summer pants for my next working & event attire.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Many asked me whether I addicted with clothes or bags or maybe shoes. Actually, I loves all about fashion. You name it. Still back to the real me; I'm a Shoes,Bag & Accessories LOVER. I totally addicted with them. If you with me going for window shopping at any stores. For sure, the first thing I will touch and see either shoes or bags if not accessories. Clothing for me too common and not all I wear it. I'm more to a tailored person. It give me feel more comfortable and boost my confident level. Plus, I'm quite fussy when choosing my perfect clothing. Especially, T-Shirt,Jeans or Casual Jacket. If you saw me quite dressy, please don't blame me. It because I been raise by my parents to dress-up proper clothing with style. But, I don't kill myself to order or buy too expensive brands for my wardrobe. I don't care, If any fashionisto or fashionista out there hate my statement. Well, that is your problem. I have my own reason and I believe what I stand. I didn't say I hate branded stuffs but I living in a reality and MONEY is not easy to have, like in few second when you needed it. That why I choose another alternative way to be FASHIONABLE but still the real ME.

Picture Above: My nude Crocs shoes for my weekend wear & Black Leather shoes by Valentino Rudy for my working shoes. I wish that someone can give me present a pair beautiful branded shoes. Nah,joking!

Talking about Fashion and what addicted with. Recently, I keep in touch with my Fashion Guru and ex- Editor in Chief : Mr. Shaiful. Darl, You make me everyday thinking to and SHOP! I hate and love you hahahah. I saw he shop alot of beautiful shoes and most of them similar like my taste. Hate you! hahahaha. I'm glad that in KK City (Kota Kinabalu) not many choice to get a perfect pair of leather shoes. Yes, There few store supply good leather shoes with well-known brands. Still, I will say european shoes more classy yet with traditional touch. Back to my blog, After spend my precious time thinking about to get beautiful shoes. Yes, I will. But I will spend my dime in Kuala Lumpur to find good shoes and bags too. It's hard to become me. I'm a fashionisto who do fashion blog just wearing the same thing again and again (example in the picture). I work at a place that full with diesel waste here and there on the floor. That why, I don't prefer buy super expensive shoes and drag it to work. That is crazy! Umm..I just can't wait to see and feel my walk wardrobe,soon. There I will buy and keep..of course do a little bit display moment. my silly dream. Well, I still can survive and live my life like an ordinary guy but passionate with FASHION.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

KEBAYA NYONYA: Everlasting & Classy!

Are Kebaya Nyonya can be consider a couture or just an artwork? I did asked to my grandma this question. She replied me that what I really understand between Couture Artwork and Kebaya Nyonya. I answered her according my experiences and understanding what is couture and Kebaya Nyonya. Couture is Haute Couture/High Fashion, means unique and professional technique in sewing. It refers exclusive custom made just for you (made to measure). Everything about couture is high quality. Most of couture dresses were sewn by the most experienced seamstresses. What I can say is that couture similar like a painter paint with beautiful colours on the plain canvas and become a masterpiece. It takes alot of patience and effort.

Kebaya Nyonya is part of history and our great heritage for all Malaysian. As I know,Kebaya Nyonya is a peranakan traditional attire. Peranakan means: They were part of the Chinese community and lived a lifestyle influenced by Chinese and Malay cultures. (Sorry If I'm wrong giving any info) For me, Kebaya Nyonya is the most beautiful piece among traditional garment I have seen. Most all of kebaya designs inspired by architecture and porcelain artwork.The Nyonyas did so in their kebayas, which were made with amazing elaborate designs and intricate embroidery then accessorized with expensive beautiful jewelry.

Only that I can give my best answers to my grandma. She replied me and give a beautiful smile. "My dear grandson, I hope one day you will somebody in this industry. Sadly, you don't know to sew it. If not I will hand over my knowledge to you." I only can expressed sigh all the way. I'm sad that this original artwork technique not be passed over to the new generation. Do I too late to learn something from my grandmama? Do my grandmama willing to teach me? I don't think so. It needs alot of patience and dedication.
One of my grandma's artwork. Simply beautiful and classy. Some people know some maybe not. Only those with high knowledge in Fashion wil know what type of fabric kebaya-maker normally use. If I not mistaken fabric that my grandma always use is Swiss Rubia or Kasa Rubia. But Swiss Rubia will be her choice. I just love the feel of the fabric. Lighweight,come with beautiful colours, BUT! catch out its not easy to find this kind of fabric.

 Fully embroidered by manual way. Can the new generation bet the senior? I don't think so.
This I call amazing artwork. Yes, simply couture indeed. Original and everlasting. Plus,this Kebaya Nyonya is VINTAGE. Glad, my mummy own it now.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Whenever my grandma around for sure both of us will talking all about fashion and sometimes keep comparing between today and yesterday trends.

From the day my grandma arrived in KK. I can't stand to ask my grandma about her handbag. It obvious I never seen this brand even know about it. I just love the shape. So classy yet simple. Best among all. It's vintage darlinggg!!!

Info: BULAGGI is a very exclusive brand. It's not available in many countries worldwide and Australia is the only country in APAC where you can buy it. This beautiful brand is from Netherlands. Here is their website link for your reference: If you feeling bored with the common branded brands. Why not try this brand for your new collection.

Family Vaca: Sayang Sayang KINABALU

Ohhh finally, I have time to update my blog after a busy week. I would like to expressed out loud YES! I had a good VACATION at my own place here in Sabah. Ohh yes, Sabah known as "Land Below The Wind or North Borneo". Feel good spending my precious with my grandparents, mum and of course my young brother. It was a great Kaamatan-Gawai for me when to see my grandparents had a good time. But there few moment, deeply in my heart I miss my late dad very much. For sure, If he still alive. The vacation double or maybe triple more fun like last my vacation back in 2010. Well, life must go on and yes..I continue my journey.

Back to my story, this year my family celebrating our Harvest Festival (Tadau Kaamatan & Hari Gawai) at Kundasang,Ranau. For the 1st time my grandparents from Kuching coming here in Sabah to experience my beautiful homeland. Excited like beyond words. I can't wait my grandparents arrive in Kota Kinabalu. They landed in Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2 Airport around 12:35 A.M and damn! they still look fresh and excited. Big hugs to welcoming them after tiring journey from Kuching. I hope my hugs comfy enough to cure that
jet-lag. Ting Tong here and's nearly 1 A.M in the breaking dawn. Here comes my sleepy eyes. Thank you Jesus! My grandma asked me to stop by at McD drive-thru. Ohh yeah! My grandma very advance ya same with grandpa too. There we were eating our yummy burgers, french fries and chicken congee..ohh yes! supersuperSUPPER! Quite surprising that right moment. That area been entertained by stupid motorcyclists raise their engines to get attention at Shell Gas Station. Like everyone cares..Umm Bahhh!! Glad, around 10 minutes the atmosphere turns back peace.

Around 02:30 A.M, we arrived home and get a light sleep to continue the pre-vaca for tomorrow. While me? I don't have enough sleep because I have to drag myself up to attend Sunday Mass early in the morning. Saya mau berhenti ohh jadi driver ko mami..kapanatan sa ohhh :( Thank you Jesus! I have enough strength to through the day with good smile. The 1st Day quite boring honestly. It because I'm bored to go walk around in 1Borneo. Nothing special there. Not like in Kuala Lumpur. There you can find the malls filled with good stuffs. I didn't said that 1Borneo so bad. But lack of interesting vibes. Sabahan and other tourists really needs that to experience some levels of excitement. We need unique and simply WOW factor.

I'm quite sad can't entertained my grandpa very well that day. I know and he knows that jalan-jalan at any malls will be the same. I should bring him to sit down at Starbucks or maybe Secret Recipe to read his book. Urgh! I just hate it when my brain can't functioning right. Guys, do please have an enough sleep to recharge your energy so that you can move much more faster and think more sharper. Then, I decided to bring them to Tanjung Aru get the evening breezy beach feel. Everything runs smoothly. We take our light snack at 1st Beach Restaurant..ummm snack? Ohh ya lah..snack lah kononnya. Me having fried bee hoon as evening snack. That so unacceptable. Well, I move on and I don't care. I on my vacation and dieting? Sooo not in my dairy. Back to my blog. Suddenly! Sleepy army attacking me again. Ohhhh goshhhh!! There was I, mengantuk siap melelapkan mata while my grandma and mummy busy chit-chatting. On the other side of me..grandpa busy reading his book and my brother busy text messaging with his girlfriend. Nobody perasan me tertidur..LOL. Even, I had a dream I laying down on the sandy beach with my sweet bobo. Simply perfect! I need that become a reality. Ya lorrr tuueee jo! keep on dreaming!

After that, we go cruising around Prince Phillip Park to take a light evening walk. About half and hour..I speak out..mari balik saya penat ohh. Everyone agreed. Ohhh yes! there was me with my evil mind. Reached home and straightly I wash my car then off to the magical couch! take a good nap before the dinner done. Simply me. That night, I had a delightful dinner straight from Spaoh. Every meal so sarawakian without that Italian Sauges. Cooked specially for grandpa and of course for me and my brother. Thank you grandma and mummy too. Muacks! love you both. That night all of us pack our things for Kundasang Trip. There was my grandma travel with only ONE BAG!?? just a messager bag. I can't believe it. She just smile with my bag. Fully packed! kambang macam kuih pau atukoi!!

On 30th of May. Finally, the day has come. Family vaca mode: ON. I can see my grandparents really excited to go there. They wake up early 6 A.M in the morning. But there was me..lazy still not yet off from my dreamy bed. Dang! my alarm rang like super crazy. Bangun la apa lagi..terus segar bugar mata. Hilang rasa malas dan mengantuk. Around 07:50 A.M start our journey. First stop by at Kak Tini Restaurant to have our breakfast before continue the journey to Kundasang. Around 08:35 A.M, All of us make a move and continue the journey. On my way up, both of them can see clearly Mount Kinabalu. For Sabahan, It means that Aki Nabalu (sorry if giving wrong info) welcoming his guests and one of a good sign. Drive very calm that day and arrived at Pekan Nabalu 09:35 A.M. Then, we taken our brunch and take a rest. All of us manage to take few good snapshots with Mount Kinabalu.

Around 01:30 P.M, We arrived at the Kinabalu,National Park, Kundasang. Ohhh yeahhh! What a great feeling after arrived there safely. After check-in. We cruising into the park to find our lodge. Nepenthes Lodges. Beyond words..totally a beautiful place. Yes, It is a great place for honey moon and vacation with the family. This place surround with green trees and colourful wild flowers. I feel very peace and relax when I arrived. Worth every penny you spend. My mum did arrange to visit Timpohon Hunt late that evening to see the view. I think that is not a good idea at the moment. From afar I can see thick clouds on the way. Well, that is mum's plan. I'm ok with it. Still I play around with the fog all around me. Ohh God! I'm acting like I still a 4 year old kid.

Nepenthes Lodges View : My mum & grandma take a look around the resort.

Later that night, all of us out to Liwagu Restaurant for dinner. The atmosphere that night totally foggy and very cold. Nearly 17-18`C. Bukan apa pigi luar negara sini pun ada bah. Comment about the restaurant. The service very good. But I do hope that big menu book adding many new recipes for future variety. I didn't it is bad but we need more improvement. The restaurant need a place where tourists can have entertainment (eg. Karaoke or Local Live Band). Overall, everything was okey & yummy.

                                                   at Liwagu Restaurant

Back from the restaurant all of us crawling to find bed.  Including me, I must say it was a tiring day. Quite funny. Me and grandpa managed to watch glee before go to bed. 31st of May, It was 6 A.M in the morning. First thing I realized that the whole room feel totally cold like damn freezing cold. I woke up and straight to the veranda. The atmosphere so fresh. I totally speechless and the only thing I do to breathe in and out for sure enjoy the surrounding views. I experience a great time staying at this resort. I even don't bother to continue read my books. While everyone not yet wake up. I spend my time surfing through the internet where great places a tourist should visit at Kundasang. I get few good information. I know my grandparents loves all about history. Why not Kundasang War Memorial?  after that take a good bath at Poring Hot Spring,Ranau. Ohh that's perfect!

For 1st time, My family & I visited this place. Kundasang War Memorial. MUST GO HERE!

You should read the article on the board If you manage to visit this place.

Part of the history

Can you see what I see. Hail to the Queen ~

Sabah Boleh BAhhh!!!

I simply loves all the gardens at this place. Totally brings the english feel.

 + May all your souls rest in peace +

Poring Hot Spring,Ranau! Yes! Grandpa & grandma already mark their steps here. All the way from Kuching. One thing that quite sad the place fully packed! No,my mum & I decided to rent a private room. Apa lagi..kami buat la hot bubble bath..hahaha. I totally enjoy that afternoon.

  Evening snapshot with Mount Kinabalu for the last time. Tomorrow will be back to KK.
Family Snapshot
Our last day and special breakfast at National Park. Thank you so much for the best service.

Kundasang Vegetable Market. Bah! Jom beli sayur kita!

Uooohhhhuuuuuu...Strawberry! Royal Honey too!

Traffic Jam in Kundasang?

After long 1 hour and half drive. I stop by at Salut for Coconut Enjoyment. Well, If you come to Sabah. You must try at this place. Salut, Jalan Gayang,Tuaran. Nearly 25 minutes from city center (Kota Kinabalu). You may experienced fresh and delicious coconut by local. Above: My grandma having Kelapa Bakar or Coconut cook using charcoal. One of Salut's specialty. MUST TRY!

Well, for grandpa having young cold coconut. 

2nd of June: Quite sad day for me to see my grandparents going back to Kuching. But I had a great time with them. Hoping next year they can come and experience another great adventure in Sabah. Can't wait for the next vaca with my family.