Monday, May 16, 2011


Finally, I have an empty space to update my blog. Juggling my days with work and take care my family. I don't even give a damn eventhough there any great events around me. I do missed my sweet moment as Full-time (Fashion & Related) Blogger.

One day, a friend of mine Mr.Jeff who is owner to JEFFIE JEFF Studio asked me whether I interested to attend and joining him in one interesting event at The Magellan Sutera Habour end of May. I quite curious and interested about it. It is because the event is related with SABAH beautiful culture.

30th May 2011, The day has come! I so excited to catch PAPAKANG. Firstly,I don't even planned what should I wear. So, I come with my simple T-Shirt and Jeans; then hit to event. Ohh God! Tidak ada unsur budaya betul ni..haha. But still I come there to learn something and put aside my negative thinking. Now,the big story begun. I don't even know this event will be a hit until I have to park my car far from Magellan parking lot. Heaven God! I'm sweating and little bit disappointed with Jeff. I can't keep in touch and my ticket with him. If my ticket with me..for sure I can park my car so near. There was me standing waiting and keep on calling Jeff whether he already arrive or not. Wait and I wait..suddenly. I met Ervina and Fharelynne at the lobby. Finally,I got the chance to meet both of them in person.

While waiting Jeff to show up and safe me. I relax myself and start to take snapshots for my momentos. For example, two pictures above. I'm amazed with the costume. In my mind, wow! the motif totally alike with tribes in Sarawak. There I saw Orang Ulu and little bit of Iban influence. Well, that why Land of Borneo so mysterious and interesting.

Few minutes after that. Jeff dearie show up and safe me. Yay! Thank you God! at last I able to enter to the ballroom. While I walking down. I try to calm myself and try my best not to show moody face in front my friend. Kesian juga bah..I blame myself didn't take the ticket at his studio tidak lah susahkan si Jeff. Well, I promise myself to enjoy the evening and aim something from this event. I still glad ada si Jeff with me bah.

Walk and I walk..I saw cute kids giving a warm welcome and a row of traditional musicians serenade all the guests with their instruments.

Together with me that night

with "The Bride" Miss Leonie at backstage before the show

One of my favorite my snaphots.

The show!


Let's dance everybody!!

1st Night : Full house!

My Top Favorite Snapshot of The Night

Snapshot with 2 KK's Fashionista and Top Sabah's Stylist

Group Snapshot! with Mr.Ricardo - Sub Editor ( Daily Express Newspaper )

The event ended with good review and some not so good. But for me..everything was great,interesting and full with information. It is good especially those like me (born with mixed blood) still searching and wants to learn more about real SABAH culture. I would love to attend this kind of event next year or in future. I feel happy that night not only enjoy the show but I get more close with my Facebook friends.