Saturday, January 1, 2011

When Fashion Meets Music

Again God given me a perfect time to write something for my blog. Most of my precious time now move into 1 big pillar. That's my stable and steady job. Totally different industry. But still Fashion & Music still in my heart. Last month, I was invited to attend a fashion show featuring new local designers. There was me thrilled beyond the sun and moon. I booked my ticket earlier but still until now I disappointed with myself why I didn't take another price ticket. But I put myself it's ok and be thankful what I get. Every fashionista & fashionisto keep talking about the event. Makes more curious like a baby learn something new.

Honestly, this is the first time I attend Fashion Show organized by A'Sutra. So, I feel little bit excited and worried what should I wear for that night. Normally, I dress-up very classy,elegant but with statement. That's my trademark. Everyone will remember me after any events (maybe because of my size..heheh).

Last Tuesday on 28th December was the actual date of the event. I nearly forgot about the event. I didn't ever prepare myself what should I wear? what should style my accessories? Damn! It was a hectic rainy evening that time. There was me. Bang here bang there to search and match my whole look. Thank you JESUS! I managed put the whole style into one in 15 minutes ONLY. Well, the event related with music & something about Glam and Urban. But! It didn't suit on me. Definition about Urban is related with street wear,jeans,t-shirts,cool jackets,shades and trendy-bold accessories. There again my mind rolling around. Should I wear that? how about all the datins. Do they will dressing like that? Deep in my heart that's nonsense. I decided with my look. I mix it with elegant,fresh and rock vibes. YES! everything ok. From my hairdo until my foot wear.

Around 5.30 PM, I push myself to drive because there will be a massive traffic jam in KK around this time. Thank you again JESUS! Jam was so-so. Managed to arrived at Magellan Sutera Habour around 6.45 PM. Feel sad my partner not around that time. If not you will be my driver Bobo! hahaha.. But there one thing that really hates me that evening. Pouring rain so heavy. Glad I get VVIP treatment as soon I arrived at the lobby. Quite funny the bell boys think that I anak dato'. Just smile both of them and give my key car so that they can park my car.
Then, slowly I walk and take my big breathe before to enter the Ballroom lobby. Damn! It was so cold! like freezing cold!!. Suddenly, my body and movement changed become Reggie. I sit for awhile to wait my designer friend Hanif to arrived too. Eyes keep watching me each time VVIPs, fashionistas, fashionisto and media arrive. I just able to look straight to my phone screen to check my Facebook until I'm BORED. Heaven GOD! punya lama menunggu si hanif ni. Nearly, 1 hour and half I guess. But in that time. I met many good networkers from fashionistas,datins,designers and professional photographers. I also met Ricardo Unto my friend covering for Daily Express Newspaper. It least my time filled with good networking and chit-chatting. Including GOSSIPING people dressing. Only God knows what I heard.

Hanif arrived 10 minutes before 8 PM, appear totally elegant & stylish. Kalah pak dato' ngan anak dato'. After,both of us know what table should we sit. Suddenly, I realized it was combine with dinner. Aduii!! actually I don't like that kind of event. I prefer after fashion show party like cocktail. There people can meet up freely and more open with each other. We can make a good example like MIFW or NYFW or even LFW. But I don't dare to comment too much (beyond rational and radical) because I deeply respect each of everyone management in any event. I did salute to A'Sutra to make an event a huge success. A great closing end of the year event.

Everyone excited want to see what they can serve. For me, that night I really attracted with A Zie Clothier by Azean Juzaenty. She is a friend of mine. Talented and experience in fashion world many years back. There was few pieces that really catch my eyes. After saw bit by bit. I do believe she can design ready to wear and resort wear. That is her best feature in each her designs. Detail with bold colours are her trademark. It is a good time for her to come out and show what she had. Congratulation Azean and good luck. Dear Azean, I hope you not get angry or related with me. I as your friend and fashion observer would like give my own positive advice for your future reference next fashion show. Your sewing technique was fine but still can be sharpen it up for better presentation. From touch-up and hairdo was ok and very presentable. One thing that I'm not sure who to blame. In fashion we call it Collection Relate or Consistent. We start from one design it will ended alike from the first design. Not forget the whole collection need to be related STRONGLY from your main theme. Example: If you take with a theme "Rock". You need to show and be consistent with rock influence and vibe of it. There your whole collection will show on the runway very perfect from top to bottom until details on each of them. Balance is the key word. Do your research. You try to check it at Youtube from big brand designers for your reference. It may help you. I hope you don't take it as bad comment. No hurt feeling ya dearie. This is for the better you. I do believe in you. If you feel you better in caftans then move to Resort Wear. Good luck Azean. Everything change now. Keep it up ya dear friend.



Ashniza Saidun founder of A'Sutra

I didn't have any long comment for Kak Niza on her collection. I, myself starstruck to see all her designs. Simply perfect with cutting and detailing. But I would like to see something different and unique but still A'Sutra style. Each of her collection are Glam Resort Wear. I know it look similar with Aunty Tom's designs (Dato' Tom Abang Saufi) still the colours,details and fabrics are different. I simply love Malaysia's Resort flowly and colourful! There unique pattern on the fabrics and we did use semi-precious stones to umph! the look. Again, I would like to congrulate the founder. I know few bad gossip flying here and there. Kak niza be strong and keep it up for better next show. Do invite me again in any your events.

SevenSoul Band from Indonesia

The event ended with enjoy. But I can't stay too long do my designer friend Mr. Hanif. Both of us have to work tomorrow that is why. I can feel the vibe from the lobby how fun the guests that still stuck in the ballroom. I know there were imperfection here and there about the event. But I do hope the next event "berbaloi" with the tickets. Much better put fashion show for the main attention then move a simple cocktail or snack after the show. I would like to see more local designers; veteran or fresh ones to collaborate in one big event like this. Yes,in Kota Kinabalu only. If anyone ask me did I'm satisfied? Yes, I am. Hope I can attend this kind of event in Kota Kinabalu..again.

Credit to talented photographer of that night event (few photos above) : qphotography by Qassim.