Monday, November 15, 2010


Can you give me, your own defination about today magazine (any type of magazine including fashion) Do you love to read fashion magazine or just look and bought it because your favorite on the cover or maybe try to catch the latest trends? I let all of you to think deeply with my good questions above.

Before I start with my writing, I would like to confess that I bought my own 1st fashion magazine back in year 2005. I bought myself Harper's Bazaar and Vogue magazine. Yes, I'm thrilled like a 2 years old child. Happy like never before. Whenever I flash back about it bring a thousand great momentos. There I learnt correct trends, colours, fashion designers, shapes, events everything you name it! Yes, in one magazine. High professional magazine in fashion like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire among the best choice as your fashion text book. Fashion and trends for me is two different part but still in the same circle. Are understand what I mean?

Fashion is the way you present yourself and how you carry any type of clothing to the public eyes. Fashion also can show your real identity. Most important about fashion, it's fun but watch out with your scent of style. You maybe listed as fashion crimezon. Trend is a concept by a fashion designer for every new season. From good concept then we can get amazing trends. Without it everything will be not so right. In my opinion, weather, time and situation playing the huge part in trend. For me, trend is a great history. A simple history that we can kept from past to future for the next generation.

Okey, back to the good question! Today fashion magazine? This is my point of view, I would like to ask your forgiveness before I start my debate. No offense ya. Today fashion magazine or any magazines. Totally out of logic, sometimes too radical and too freako perfecto. Okey, for example cover girl on the cover of a magazine been retouched until look so perfect. This makes girls out there dying hard to get what their favorite celebrity look like. That's wrong. I don't know what in your mind. But for me, it's wrong and need to be stop or please don't retouch until it look fake. Embrace what that person real look. That more important.

I would like to see in the future once awhile someone very successful but stylish with their own way out from glamazista world. But I don't blame any editor choosing their cover girls are movie stars even fashionistas. That is the money maker. Few years back, I did realized most of fashion magazine articles were attracted with datin gossips and fashionista so called dreamland with designers stuffs. First time I was attracted and love to know more about how was IT ladies and guys way of living. But after that, I start to feel annoyed with that kind of articles. Too expensive and fancy beyond normal.

Okey,I guess i need to stop criting about it. But I would love to see new changes. More Edgy,Fresh and Informative. That what I really want from a good fashion magazine. For me, What we read and had now is good but need a little uhm! and little ahh! then the magazine will alive. For example, our new local fashion magazine STYLE: Magazine (Malaysia) is my favorite text book now. So, about you? Any comments about our topics. I will glad if you give your honest comments or share your opinion to me.