Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Great JOURNEY! : WW Magazine Launching Event in KL

Kuala Lumpur is a place where you can find or found anything that you want or desire. Never in my dictionary will step into this city after I heard many bad incidents from the local news and my friends. Still I need to love KL because there where fashion capital for Malaysia. Everything changed after I've been invited to WW Magazine Launching in Kuala Lumpur by Datin RahmahJan Sulaiman Khan (Owner of W Publication & RJ Couture-JKhan) & Wirda Adnan (Editor-in-Chief of WW Magazine). I, with big open hands said "Yes, I will come and support both of you my dear sisters". It is a happy moment for me been invited by two top powerful women in Malaysia's fashion industry. Silly me not one knows that it will be my first time to KL and honestly I do feel afraid if anything happen to me. Well, Kuala Lumpur is a big city and people didn't care what will be happening to you if you been robbed or maybe an accident. But I didn't said that KL is a horrible city. Every big cities in this world have their own story,right? Deep in my heart, I wish to stay and work here.

My mind and soul changed automatic after I saw how busy and unique KL city. My eyes pop and rolling like poping eye-balls when the minute the ride cruise entering KL city. There branded boutiques,chic restaurants and cafes not forget cool fashionable pedestrians. It was a great relief, away from my hectic daily life and concentrate with I passionate in. Here, I from Sabah with big hope "report for duty" following with my friend Mr.Nicky the photographer. I guess I getting more and more in love become a fashion and social observer. Observe,Experience it and WRITE! much better for me. I'm a working guy and work totally out from what I interested (Art & Fashion). While, What I doing now is to fulfill my soul desire. There was me day-dreaming what going be happen as soon I arrive at JW Marriott Hotel. Everything stop when the moment driver said "Okey, We finally arrived..Sir." I feel like I want to hop around because too happy! Then, JW Marriott's hotelier ushered us to the lobby area. There I saw Datin RJ and her sister Bey waiting for us. My friends and I was welcome with big smile and hugs by them. We do feel safe with Datin RJ and her family around.
My friends and I did followed Datin RJ cruising around to see Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior boutique at Starhill Gallery before all of us off to Pavillion for lunch at Madam Kwan. After taking our yummy lunch then off to Suria KLCC. Everything for me so fast and in my mind "I need to adapt with my sounding very fast if not jadi lah budak kebinggungan" but thank God I still okey and able to adapt. One thing I realized about KL shopping malls sememangnya wangi dan rasa segar jak. In one day I able to experience and do my observation more closer about branded things. Touch here touch there, feel the seam on the dresses, high quality material in each luxurious bags or dresses and amazing sexy shoes. Miu Miu, Prada to Chanel everything in one building. Even weekdays many people in and out buying their own dream handbag, shoes or maybe just shades. I quite amazed and makes me thinking. But, If I in their shoes I, myself will support and buying original bag or any collection. It is not we buying the brand. We actually buying the real quality; from material until to workmanship. I did few times watch how a beautiful branded handbag piece been made and I know why the price tag like OMG! Really?!

There was I admiring and try to take look each Miu Miu's collection. Simply my taste. Pastel colours,beautiful bags design and classy shoes. While I busy play around with Miu Miu bags. I didn't realized that one of most important person chit-chat with Datin RJ. My jaw-droping and I'm speechless the minute I saw Sebastian of Prada. Its a great feeling to chat and see him in person. Perfect memontos in my 2011 dairy. I'm amazed and little bit surprised when he did once visited Sabah - Land Below The Wind somewhere in Tuaran. He should try Nexus, Karambunai if he need clean and private beach to relax or maybe visit Gayana or Mabul Island to explore real Sabah colourful treasure. In one day, I met many important people and experienced KL atmosphere; double happy. My mind keep on rolling. I'm super exhausted. When will I going back and get 10 minute nap; Yah, In my silly dream. Then, Datin RJ said to me that all of us will going for dinner at Shook! Starhill Gallery with the amazing Mansor, the smart Emran not forget the beautiful Wirda. "Great!" I replied. I enjoyed my dinner surround with interesting people around me. Although, only few times I met them. They treat me very nice like a young brother and give me good advice in life. I really appreciated it. Most of them very hardworking and really struggling what they aiming to; all of you guys really inspired me. The lovely dinner atmosphere ended with serious discussion, its mean that the young ones have to make a move. I take few hours to enjoy the view of KL City before off to bed. I starting to love KL City. It is a great place to explore surround with new youth vibes.
My alarm normally dang! my ears around 6 A.M, there was me with my eyes wide open. Ohhh..why still dark? Sekarang sudah jam 6 bah. There was me sitting down near to the window watch people off to work and some of them having their breakfast. Interesting. Nothing much different like morning atmosphere in KK City. I guess I starting to love KL City. Time passing by, I'm ready to walk, walk and window shop, shop. Again, all of us continue to explore and shop if get any luck find something nice to wear for the event. The whole Bukit Bintang my friend and I walk and search. Quite interesting to see many type of people passing by; totally international. From Pavillion to Fahrenheit 88 until Sungai Wang. My friend and I, shop and shop 'till dark. "God goshhh! It is 9:15 P.M" said I. "Last stop at Lot 10 to ZARA,okey" replied Nicky to me. Without think deep like helloooo your wallet my dear, control with your spending. I walk fast afraid the outlet will closing soon. There was me and Nicky walk straight to Men's departement. I found my size here deep in my heart. "Ohh uhhh..Fall Collection, I like!" I bought a beautiful cardigan & polo cap. What I can say that ZARA quality standard very good and suitable for modern-trendy fashionista & fashionisto. Okey! Me and Nicky back to our hotel around 9:50 P.M. I think that a break record, shopping the whole day. But I feel really blessed and happy. In one day I found beautiful rings in Pavillion, bought an elegant necklace for my mummy birthday present and something new for my wardrobe. Well, tomorrow is the big day! Everything need to look good and perfecto. Everyone still awake busy preparing what to wear tomorrow including me while waiting Marilyn & her hubby Andy to arrive. I decided to look modern mix classic for the event.

30th of September 2011 is the big day. Around 8 A.M, my friends and I getting ready to make our hair and make-up done by Shawn 1 and Shawn 2. 1,2..3 hours pass by. There was I still not dressing up just because I forgot to bring along my socks. Dang! wardrobe malfunction. Thank you to my friends helping me to bring my socks when they done dressing up (thank you so much guys). Again, thing happen like always. Dress-up like 5 minutes on the rush. Thank God! I do my own hairdo earlier and everything runs smoothly. I still remember the moment everyone step out from the lift. Each of people at the lobby like starstruck in their eyes saw how the ladies beautifully dress-up with their amazing hairdo and make-up not forget how hansome the guys in their suits. Glam moment I is good to see my "sabahan family" look so perfect and ready to hit the red carpet. We did take our opportunity to take snapshots of yourself for momentos. I feel really nervous while waiting our rides to come and fetch us. I take few minutes to adjust my look before off to Shangri-La HotelTiang-tiang hotel lah jadi mangsa sebagai cermin. I dress-up in black shirt with wool scarf and grey trousers, pin at tip of my collar shirt with late daddy's vintage gold cross pin. For the first time, I put two amazing rings in my fingers. Even myself until now still falling in love with the gold lion head bite a pink pearl. Not forget my white gold ring. Few of VVIP guest at the event giving credit to me wearing that big ring. Only God knows, If I put this type of ring on my finger around in KK for sure people will laugh and gossip behind my back. That makes me loves KL mind. I completed my look with leather Men Clutch and my icy white Valentino Rudy shoes. For me, I dress-up quite ok for that type of event. If I own a suit or vest, I definitely will wear it with a shirt and amazing bedazzling brooch. I prefer simple and classic; not forget I will wear anything in my wardrobe again..again and again. I will say that I will not forcing myself to buy branded shirts or suits or maybe buy something whenever I attend an event. I'm love fashion but I'm NOT rich, just an ordinary fashion blogger that know to style and passionate in Fashion.

This is my look for that evening

It was heavy traffic jam around Bukit Bintang. It is obvious, the event fall on Friday. There was my friends and I waiting our ride to fetch us. One of the hotelier said to me and Datin RJ's sisters Bey and Azlina. "All of you look very dashing and elegant this beautiful afternoon". I blushed. Three of us give a grin smile and thank to him. Yes, I guess it is indeed a beautiful afternoon. The weather not too hot and there no signs its going to rain. The moment I saw five rides infront of me. Ohh wow! It is like a modern fairy tale. Magical carriage come to fetch you then bring you to the royal ball. Dang! Again, too much day-dreaming. Honestly, I feel the same like Ugly Betty feels. Deep in my heart, I feel really happy to experience it and thankful what I received. For me, that is much more important. Around 1:50 P.M, My friends and I arrived safely at the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel. My friend Nicky was assigned to take snapshots for WW Magazine. Heaven God, how he can handle with his big gear here and there. In my mind, Good luck my friend. The event is getting to start. I still remember, theres camera's flash all around the moment when Deborah Henry (Miss Malaysia/Universe 2010-2011) and I taking picture together. The crowd quite wild. I don't even have the chance introducing myself to the media and photographers while each of asking my name. I decided just key my mouth..tidak mahu melebih-lebih, lebih baik diamkan diri jak. Great to met Deborah again. Yes, Deborah. The beautiful tall everyone sweetheart attend the event too. She wearing a simple 60's cut lacy short dress in white colour. Carrying a classic cream Chanel handbag. Even I love her look that evening. Simple but sweet. Few Malaysian celebrities also eye-catching that evening like Natasha Hudson wearing a beautiful white dress with dazzling details around the waist with a cute hat, Former Malaysia's Supermodel Nik Nafisah Marini Kamil in her sharp clear cut trench coat by Granoff (If I not mistaken),Sazzy Falak in beautiful nude low neck line JKhan dress and Dynas all in black with her 2 piece look simply classic glam rock with leather for the skirt. Everyone dress-up correctly according they should look like with they own style.

Me, BorneoBoy : Sabahan Fashion Blogger
Me with Deborah Priya Henry (Miss Malaysia Universe 2010-2011)

Me, Deborah, Nicky, Datin RJ, Wirda, Azlina & Wahida

Maureen, Belinda, Deborah, Wahida,
Hajah Rokiah (If I not mistaken,big apology If I wrong) & Bey

Wirda, Datin RJ, Kem Salleh & Natasha Hudson

Snapshot moment with Kem Salleh (Host for Koffee with Kem)

Snapshot moment with Natasha Hudson

Malaysia's favorite celebrities

Wirda and Azwan Ali (Malaysia'a Top Celebrity & Famous Host)

Presenting new faces entering Fashion Industry
Me with Sabah's Fashionistas and Fashionisto

Me, Nelly, Astrid, Marilyn and Andy

At last I met her! My one favorite Supermodel in Malaysia!
Me with the amazing Nik Nafisah Marini Kamil (Former Malaysia's Top Supermodel)

I step into the ballroom because I feel little tight at the ballroom lobby. The crowd too much for me, I decided to follow my friends and take our seats. The moment the door open. WOW! I love the setting. Simply my taste. Yes, although the space too big and little bit empty at the stage. But, that is real women all about. Sweet and simple. Not forget the event is not a fashion show. Well done WW team! Guest one by one walking through the ballroom door look very glamour and hansome. Most of them important people in Malaysia's Fashion Industry. From where I sit, I can see Sabah's Socialite Ms.Rozita, Wanita UMNO Sabah group, Azwan Ali, Natasha Hudson, Kem SallehDynas, Bon ZainalFaisol, Aishah Sinclair, Yasmin Hani, Datin Sharifah Ervinna, Sasha Bashir, Of course very friendly friends Mansor, Emran and the amazing Supermodel Marini and many more. I feel very happy to see many Datin RahmahJan & Wirda's play-mates come giving their best support to this two beautiful strong women. From what I observed, everyone at the event 100% support WW Magazine. I feel really happy and proud with my darling sisters. That really what inspired to move more forward be great among others. It is not wrong to be a failure in the first round, try again the next one for sure you will be better. I know how it feels and through it. From afar, I smiled and pray for the best to my friend also like a big sister to me : Datin RahmahJan & Wirda Adnan. The ceremony was launched by the graceful Datin Seri Tengku Marsilla. After the launch ceremony on the stage ended, jeng..jeng! the waiter and waiteress bringing out all the 2nd issue of WW Magazine. The moment I saw the magazine cover. Hah! there you go! I love the 2nd issue said it very loud. Straightly, I flip out the pages to see the content and of course I will read Kak Wirda's, Datin RJ's and Abang Mansor's article first. Silly me, even I didn't realized Kak Bey calling my name,photographer taking my picture or the TV3 camera-man around me..worst I didn't realized the cute Afgan singing on stage. Well, that is me if I start reading. Thank God, a beautiful Lawyer next to me asking about something if not I keep continue reading it.

WW Magazine Launch Ceremony

I have mine! yay!

The cute Afgan performing at the event

One of my happy moment, finally I met Dato' Jimmy Choo in person

Dato' Jimmy Choo & Datin RahmahJan with family and friend

Sazzy & Teha in beautiful JKhan and RJ Couture collection

Linda with Yasmin Hani

Eyja with the beautiful Dynas

Moment with the graceful and elegant Datin Seri Tengku Marsilla

 Datin Sharifah Ervinna and Sasha Bashir

After 2 hours, one by one the VIP and celebrities stepping out, few still mingle around and few busy taking snapshots with their fans and friends. I also taking my chance to chat and taking picture with my celebrity friends. When all the guests already make a move. The sabahan family and WW Team take a deep breathe and release all our stress out. Everything runs smoothly. I, as a new blogger feel a great honour and happy experiencing from the early process until to end. It is not easy to receive this chance specially in this type of industry. You need to be fast, honest and tough. I learn many thing in one week from surviving skills, how to be a opportunist until taste little bit of fashion meet glam world. Honestly, you need to work extra hard then you can reach your biggest dreams. I love to observe and learn then critic. I may don't talk much but I talk through my writing. Back to story, each of us giving a sign that semua dah selesai! bah apa lagi..jom shopping lagi. Simply madness. We did! After all of us back to the hotel..get change then off to Pavillion again. I look around and admiring KL nightlife full with neon lights and different type of music for the last. My watch telling that its around 10 P.M, "Okey..Reagan. It is your bedtime". Ops! wait..wait. Last stop, Datin RJ, Kak Alus, Maureen and I take a rest and having a cup yummy hot tea at Starhill Gallery Cafe. Four of us chit-chat about life and health until the haunted part. Eeemm..Datin RJ sempoi jak cerita hantu padahal malam-malam sudah buat saya dan Kak Maureen ketakutan sampai take few minute baru boleh tidur. Whenever I remember that part, I laughed. Silly me but quite funny. On the 1st of October is the day I say good bye to the lovely KL City. It bring sweet memory in my 2011 dairy.

Me with the beautiful family that I adore and care very much :)
Bibi Azlina (Head Manager of WW Magazine), Alus, Datin RahmahJan, Bey and Me

BorneoBoy Message: Congratulation to Datin RahmahJan Sulaiman Khan (owner of W Publication) and Wirda Adnan (Editor-In-Chief of WW Magazine). Good luck and God bless to both of you. Thank you so much for inviting me to your lovely and historical event. Warm Hugs and Smoochs from your sweet little brother, BorneoBoy xoxo