Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PRIVATE PARTY: Tiffany & Co. Showcase featuring RJ Couture and WW Magazine

Last Monday, for the first time..I had a blast when I received WW Magazine from my lovely sister Datin RahmaJan so fresh before the magazine out at all bookstore stand around in Kota Kinabalu City. Although, my life quite hectic after my daddy passed away. Everything need to be settled very fast and centered. I'm not a spoilt child. I'm serious in each what I doing especially related with Fashion. Well, after received nice gift by someone it was a great relief. My stress little bit by bit disappear. WW Magazine rocks! freaking CLASSY! watch out WW will be double WOW to all the fashionista & fashionisto around Malaysia. All the articles really inspired me. From Kak Wirda's to Kak Datin RJ's until Mansor's article. I read each of the pages patiently because too busy with my daily routine and magazine will be my "Bedtime Favorite Friend" LOL.

On Wednesday, I received a call by Datin RahmaJan that she inviting me and my fashionista friend Ms. Shafferra to attend a private party by Tiffany & Co. featuring with RJ Couture & WW Magazine. Of course, I replied YES! It was my big dream to see in reality and touch Tiffany & Co. beautiful artwork with my bare hands. Maybe I sound funny. That is me. I just an ordinary kampong boy who really adore ART & FASHION. After I jot-down when or where is the event and what time on my calendar. Straightly, Datin RJ asked how's the magazine. I answered her honestly and based what I see, I heard feedback from my friends and read it myself. I can see the magazine will be stable soon and moving forward. I tried my best to give support what I deeply believe with. I support 100% local brand with international vibe. Saya bukan jadi pak turut, tukang puji atau seangkatan dengannya. I'm a FASHION BLOGGER & a Good SUPPORTER.

[SATURDAY, 20th August]

The day has come. I supposed to take leave so that I come to the event NOT in the rush or be LATE. That is my principal. I hate to be late when I attending any events or even I come to work late. One more thing I hate when I on the rush I will sweat like air sungai..hahaha. I received my friend Ms.Shafferra's text while I'm working, she informed that she unable to attend the event because urgent matter regarding her business. DANG! What surprising me, I nearly forgot about the event. Luckily, my partner remind one more time before noon. There was me, PANIC like a mad bear. What I only can do, follow with the flow. I say to myself in God will I boleh sempat dandankan diri dan sampai ke Sutera Habour on time. Only Kak Bey & Kak Datin RJ knows what really happen to me that whole day. To create a perfect look kelam-kabut is the BEST! I don't think any fashionisto can dress-up only 15 Minutes including shaving,trimming,bath until set your own hair. But I managed to handle it with a smile in the end. Thank you God everything runs smoothly. I dress-up according what my sister Datin RJ asked me. I make it simple. I wear my vintage black shirt with grey tailored trousers and tie up my black scarf to give a little bit different with my look. Jazz up my new white shoes and shine the night with my new [Blue Sand Stone] ring. Plus, I'm back with my modern mohawk hairdo..haha. Okey! I'm set to Tiffany & Co. and damn! I'm super late.

Ohh Great! 5:02 P.M, I'm late to the event. What a Surprise! I'm the first person around reception table. I rush to the washroom. Give my last best arrangement. Then, I call my sisters to tell them I arrived and I'm waiting. There I saw Datin RahmaJan in her beautiful 30's classic cut simply like Coco Chanel's look, Two dashing macho guys Mansor and his business partner Emran with the dazzling WW Magazine Editor-In-Chief Wirda Adnan. There was me blushing and little starstrucked. All of them so friendly to me. It's a great honour to take a snapshot together at the Event Board. I feel blessed and really happy. Thank you to God giving me an opportunity like this. Well, Its not easy you can miggle and laugh together with important people in the Fashion Industry. Plus, Mansor loves my style that evening. I'm feel happy but only God knows what I been through before I put out this look. Well, less is more and sometimes dress malfunction can end-up great. After taking the IT snapshot straightly I search my name at the reception table. Yes, I'm on the list. Yes, very important ones. Dah namanya Fashion Blogger and great supporter of RJ Couture & JKHAN, pastinya nama you ada kata Kak Bey [Datin's RJ sister] While I checking where I should sit, The General Manager of Tiffany & Co. Ms. Marianne introduced herself and hand-over her business card to me. We did miggle for few minute talking about Tiffany's collection.

Datin RahmaJan approached me, asking how is the setting my dear little brother? The minute I turn my head all around the hall. I'm amazed. "Nice Kak Datin, I feel living in New York City and seeing all the fresh flowers on the table so relaxing. Tambah lagi saya suka bila tengok ada bunga-bungaan". Then, Datin RahmaJan show me where I supposed to sit. Yeah! I sit with my darling cousin Ms. Susan Shahira. I met my gossip-mate. Quite surprised my Facebook friend Mr. Nicky Geo become Datin's photographer and one table with me. Interesting people with many talents. Saya sangat suka guestlist begini. Jumpa ramai orang baru not the same crowd. We need to change and mixed around other circles too. That makes that event well-balance. From what I see in this event. Everything perfect. Well-arranged and very VVIP. It reminds me about someone very important attending private parties in Monaco. I simply loves RJ Couture new collection! feel like I want to scream.."ohh yes! I want to wear that dress hahah". Everything beautiful. No offense ya. RJ Couture dresses much more outstanding than all the jewellries. Even, my ring more shinning and bigger than jewellries that been displayed that evening. Even my cousin agreed with me. Two thumbs up RJ team and not forgetting all my darling model friends Ms. Mandy,Marie, Leonie and Kimmy xoxo. You all did a good job.


Check your name here: I can see the guestlist very tight.
Only special among the special been invited.

Tiffany & Co. General Manager Ms. Marianne showing Datin RJ one of their collection

Mansor give his quality attention with one of Tiffany's collection

Mansor explaining to Datin RJ the signature look of Tiffany

Simply beautiful!

Three very fashionable ladies
I feel really happy at the event when I met my regular blog readers.
With my humble heart, I Thank You for your support. Keep on supporting my blog ya :) xoxo

Three beautiful Glam Girls
My darling cousin Kak Sue, Kak Lina & Kak Wird

Special for me. I found my seat!

My table-mates

The next to my right

My table really near to the VVIP table. Well, It's obvious my table also listed as VIP table.
From afar theres Emran, Mansor, Datin RJ, Wirda and one important guest.
I simply loves the way Datin RJ & Tiffany & Co. arrangement for their guests seat.
More interesting mix rather "one type of crowd". That is very BORING and yuck!

I didn't got a chance asked her name. I simply loves her style. If I not mistaken she's chinese but wore the beautiful caftan plus she carry it so confident. I like her style and friendly too :)

Marianne giving her short speech

Models displaying all the jewellries to the guests

The Key!
I adore this collection very much. I wish I have enough money for sure, I take one of them back home

Presenting Tiffany & Co.'s Men Collection
One thing I don't like. Less bling? Men also want the bling-bling. Okey, I do like few pieces in this collection [eg. the cuffling, necklace, bracelet  & the beautiful watches] but where is the ring?
I'm one of ring lover.
 Even, my custom-made precious stone ring more bling and bigger plus more shine.
I hope one day Tiffany can create more bling for Men.


Said Susan : Reag, How do this look on me? Now, I feel like a princess. 
I replied: Berkilauan ohh kak *with my kampong tune* Then, buy it don't wait bah kak.
Said Susan: Ya bah cuz, Sa beli lah ni. 1.6K jak. ATtttukoii!!
I replied: You jahat ohh kak..you make me want to buy that cuffling over there. Uhuuu..Sabo saboooo ndak ku membeli, ku tapun jak. kikikiki.
Me & My cousin: Laugh Out Loud.

Classic Tiffany style. Nice on you Kak Sue.

Backstage: My darling friends
Only BorneoBoy can get this special excess.
XOXO to RJ Team especially my adorable sister Bey Sulaiman.
Excellent Job! I love all the collection :)
My friend Kimmy, Leonie, Marie and the amazing Mandy, you darls did a wonderful job. Not forget Edna & Angel too. If one day I would love to know more about you two.

"BorneoBoy" & the amazing RJ's Angels

One of my favorite snapshot among photos that I've taken.
What I loves this snapshot is. See, how close this three fashion friends together.
Macam adik-beradik.
It reminds me about my close friends and missed them alot.
But, It's ok I met new good friends that much better because we all passionate in FASHION.

This is what I bring back home and share it with my lovely mummy

Big congratulation to Tiffany & Co, RJ Couture & WW Magazine!
I want to THANK YOU
Datin RahmaJan and Tiffany & Co. for inviting me to your lavish and glamorous event.




Monday, August 15, 2011

WW Magazine: Ohhhhhh...I LOVE IT!

 Today 150811, I taking my leave to take a good rest and settling few important appointments. After everything settled. Straightly, I off to 1Borneo pick-up my 1st WW Magazine that Datin RahmaJan specially gave it to me and my friend Shafferra. P/S: Ferra dearie, Don't forget to pick-up yours at RJ Couture Boutique. [Photo above] I spend a little bit of my time take a good lunch at Kahve and checking WW.

 Thank you so much Kak Datin RahmaJan and not forget the lovely Kak Bey too :) xoxo

 Powerful words from two influential women in the Fashion Industry

I simply like Mr. Mansor's article. Nice one sir :)




Datin RahmaJan, Kak Wirda (Editor-In-Chief) & Not forget the strong WW Team
Again, Big warm hugs & Congratulation!
Good Luck for the next issue!
From me, BORNEOBOY [Fashion Blogger]


Reaction: Oh yes! BORNEOBOY feel HAPPY with the magazine :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WW 1st EDITION: Get It Soon!

Get your 1st edition copy from Wanita & Wawasan Magazine
starting 15 August at your nearest MPH bookstores.
Support WIRDA ADNAN's new baby.

Big warm hug
Congratulation to WW Magazine team & Kak Wirda as the Editor-In-Chief of WW Magazine.

BorneoBoy [Fashion Blogger] - Mr. Reagan Munang

Good luck for the next issue!

Source: www.facebook.com - fanpage WW Magazine (Photos)
credit to the talented photographer & WW Magazine Team.

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From fragrances, skincare products until their yummy jams.