Wednesday, February 16, 2011


January end and HELLO Miss February. This opening month is a blast for me; after I been invited by RJ Couture & J KHAN founder Datin RahmahJan to attend her "J KHAN Spring/Summer 2011 & J KHAN Handbang Preview Collection". It was held at The Pacific Sutera Hotel, Sutera Habour Kota Kinabalu dated 11th February. Before I write my own review let me story the full detail about it. 2 weeks before the event, I even didn't know at first that J KHAN will launching their latest handbag collection including SS 2011 collection at once. After Kak Bey (Datin's RahmahJan sister) informed me that I was invited. Excited with the news without remember an inch about my car still at the workshop. "Yes, workshop!" early January my car been hit from the back at Indah Permai traffic light. By law I'm innocent. I totally worried if..again I unable to attend it like last year. Then, I received Kak Bey's text message and in the same time my car finally fixed. "Thank you Jesus!" I able to attend that event. I managed to meet them by person to take my invitation card. For the first time, I visit their lovely small boutique. Sadly, the place is at the back. Still their name everyone keep talking among KK's fashion lovers. That is amazing.

The day that I met both of the sisters, It was model fitting session at the boutique. Yes, I really happy to met Sabah's Top Model Ms.Mandy Nandu there. There she trying piece by piece each of their creation. I'm starstruck for one and half hour. It was a good experience for me. Correction, not starstruck with Mandy but all the creations. There my mind rolling. What If I work with them as partimer or collaborate with Datin RJ. "That will be perfect! But naaa.." I didn't dream that too high because I still fresh in this industry. Back to my story. Piece by piece was presented front of Datin RJ and I. It was beyond words. All of the collection beautifully made. The cutting until the beads detailing. Everything sewn perfect! Until I didn't dare to take snapshots of it. If not NO SURPRISES for all RJ fans. I can said that RJ brand full with family love. The family members play as one big team. It is good to see family business run smoothly.

FRIDAY,11th of FEBRUARY is the day. On the day, I take leave special for the event so that I can attend the event with proper preparation. Only God knows how nervous I am. Its because this is the first time I will attend the most glamorous and up-scale fashion event in Kota Kinabalu. Classy crowd and huge networking. Can you imagine there will be medias stand-by, editors will be eye-catcher, hungry fashion lovers and sparkling VVIPs. All of them will be watching each inch on your body. Few hours before the event. I take my last chance to breathe in and breathe out..keep thinking. What style will be presenting for that evening? There was me again..stressed! but still able to do last minute shopping with my partner in crime. Can you believe that? Finally, I decided to wear something very simple yet classy. "Thank you JESUS!" recently,a week before the event. My mum hand over me my late dad's favorite Men Leather Clutch. "Ohh yes, vintage!" Mind my rolling again. It will be great as my accessory. "Ok! done. styling problem solve".

That evening I dress-up all black. Wore a simple black shirt and tailored black pants pump it with black Valentino Rudy leather shoes and brown leather belt by Kaufmann. For finishing,vintage clutch and for the 1st time I wear my spectacles. Overall, I feel confident with my whole look. Me and my partner in crime arrived at The Pacific Sutera, Grand Ballroom around 6:20 p.m. Yes, before all VVIPs arrived. Always be on time. If we're NOT listed as VVIP guest like ME..hahaha. The moment I step into the lobby. I saw few glamorous Datins with their own style. Each of them very beautiful in caftans and modern baju kurung. Every minute; one by one VVIPs and fashionistas enter the ballroom look very stunning and hansome. While waiting all the invited guests to arrived. The guests been cater with light snack and soft drinks. After that,few photographers really want to snap me, my friend (Don Ed) and KK's famous Stylist Mr. Jeffie. "Damn, I feel really weird! hahaha". But three of us work it our own best pose. Then, I realized. One of the photographer is Famous Photographer - Mr.Bustamam. I hope my look okey while he taking my snapshot.

REVIEW: The fashion show started around 7:30 P.M. The show Emcee by the most macho man in Malaysia and designer - Mr.Mansor. After that, short speech by Datin RahmahJan Sulaiman Khan herself and carried with J KHAN Exculsive Handbag Collection launching. Then, the show begin. Deborah Priya Henry is the first model walking on the runway. Show up with a beautiful piece in dazzling pale blue long dress. Three supermodels entertain the guests; Deborah, Tengku Azura and Tini. Followed with few Sabah own top models; Mandy, Marie, Kimmy, Crystel and Leonie also catwalking for J KHAN Fashion Show that evening. I feel really happy to see my darling model friends on the runway. I really amazed with all the collection on the runway even the handbags. "Uhh..girl! Its classy!" I wish I have enough money to own one. "Do I care? No!" That is J KHAN. Even me as a fashionisto wants to own one of it. But sadly not one look like versatile or unisex. I decided to wait the "Up-Coming Men Bag & Clothing Collection". Hope in future Datin RJ will inviting me again for her up-coming event. Back to my story. RJ Couture & J KHAN ready-to-wear collection out at once on the runway? Sorry, If I can't make the differents between two of this brands. But for me. It was a perfect balance. I can see the brand more to Evening and Cocktail dresses. I really in love the hand-sewn technique and detailing on the dresses. Cutting on the dress was very tidy and clean. Not only that, I see the high quality fabric. Each of this aspect really important to produce a great collection. The hair-do and touch-up not too over-do. Everything so beautiful. If I'm a high class socialites or a dazzling fashionista this brand is a MUST in your wardrobe. Why we need other brands If we sabahan got our own talented designer. Support local.

The special guest of the night flew far from Indonesia. The most famous Indonesian Singer - Afghan and The Founder of RJ COUTURE and J KHAN - Datin RahmahJan Sulaiman Khan.

Same row with me: Three beautiful KK's Socialites

KK's Fashion Observer & Blogger with KK's Famous Stylist & Founder JEFFIE JEFF STUDIO

J KHAN Ready-To-Wear for Spring/Summer 2011 and Handbang Collection Preview Launching moment.

One of J KHAN's Masterpiece

Datin RahmahJan hand over cheque to Yayasan 1 Suria. Giving back to the unfortunate ones.

Malaysia's Sweetheart and Currently Crowned Miss Malaysia/Universe 2011
Miss Deborah Priya Henry the front model for J KHAN Fashion Show.

Malaysia's Supermodel Tengku Azura strike her best pose in posh orange long flowly dress.

Former Miss Sabah/Malaysia-World & Sabah's own Top Model Miss Mandy Nandu

Malaysia's Supermodel Miss Tini

The lovely Miss Sabah 2010 - Miss Marie in beautiful posh pink modern abaya.

Mandy in sequined-velvet short dress with gold and bronze colour

One of Sabah's best Top Model - Miss Kimmy strike her pose in stunning black tight dress

Story: Didn't know what is really happen about this dress that Crystel wore. I really focus on the dress pleats and detailing. Not forgot the clutch bag was a stunner. Here is the story. I only realized it after I heard sounds said "Uhh..Ooo". Straightly! I open my eyes very wide try hard to find what is so interesting on the runway. There was I saw something that everyone shouldn't see. Fast move. Crystel cover-up with the clutch bag. There you go! Smart move dear. I so proud of you. It's okey. Every runway fashion show there will be KUKU moments even worst. Luckly you, that's still okey. That is NORMAL. I think this dress too short and need to do something so that customer able to wear it.

Miss Leonie

 Guess what, Socialite Vie Shantie already own it and suit on her like a glove. Luckly you dear.

 Eyes on the grand finale dress

 The Grand Finale dress. It in black colour. Beautifully made in ruffles at the bottom. It bring the romantic feel. Just love it!

Wirda Adnan - Glam Magazine (Malaysia) Editor-In-Chief giving her congratulation smooch towards
Datin RahmahJan

Congratulation Datin RahmahJan!

Afghan entertain all the invited guests

 Facebook's Stars!

 All the models next table to mine! OMG!

My table-mates! very funny and cool too!

Taking snap with Bey (Datin RahmahJan's Sister) 

 I with my beautiful friends: Vie Shantie (Stunning in red unique caftan by Hatta Dolmat creation) & Julz (Beautiful in dazzling black)

 Finally! Got the chance to met by person. What a friendly & lovely lady.
Miss Deborah. Congratulation on the winning too ya dearie. Good luck!

 With Glam Magazine Editor-In-Chief - Wirda Adnan

 Groupie snapshot!

 With KK's Fashionista & Socialite - Miss Shafferra
Love her look for the event. Not too dressy. I can see her style inspires from Chanel. Simple but with statement.

 J KHAN Collections

All the guests bringing home amazing goodie bag! Even me using it now. I like it very much. For sure everyone had a great evening at the event. Congratulation to all J KHAN team members! You all done it very well.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm sorry my dear readers...

Attention: Nearly a month I even did not touch any my laptop keypad and to write something about fashion. Everything is not the same like always I do. I do missed it. Everyday talking, thinking, giving and breathe all about FASHION. Yes, I'm passionate about fashion. But now is changing. I move more forward after I change my career out fashion. Maybe, Yes. I'm no longer KK's sweetheart Fashion Blogger. But still my knowledge and influence people still needs me. Well, I still can entertain you all with my blogs. It's FREE. I love to share, no worries. I officially label myself "FASHION OBSERVER". Darling, I do still making sketches. But maybe in future it going to be more less. It is because I want to focus on my work and bring good fashion news for all of you.

Please stay tune for my next blog ya. J Khan Handbag Preview & RJ Couture SS 2011 Collection review will be feature.