Monday, November 15, 2010


Can you give me, your own defination about today magazine (any type of magazine including fashion) Do you love to read fashion magazine or just look and bought it because your favorite on the cover or maybe try to catch the latest trends? I let all of you to think deeply with my good questions above.

Before I start with my writing, I would like to confess that I bought my own 1st fashion magazine back in year 2005. I bought myself Harper's Bazaar and Vogue magazine. Yes, I'm thrilled like a 2 years old child. Happy like never before. Whenever I flash back about it bring a thousand great momentos. There I learnt correct trends, colours, fashion designers, shapes, events everything you name it! Yes, in one magazine. High professional magazine in fashion like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire among the best choice as your fashion text book. Fashion and trends for me is two different part but still in the same circle. Are understand what I mean?

Fashion is the way you present yourself and how you carry any type of clothing to the public eyes. Fashion also can show your real identity. Most important about fashion, it's fun but watch out with your scent of style. You maybe listed as fashion crimezon. Trend is a concept by a fashion designer for every new season. From good concept then we can get amazing trends. Without it everything will be not so right. In my opinion, weather, time and situation playing the huge part in trend. For me, trend is a great history. A simple history that we can kept from past to future for the next generation.

Okey, back to the good question! Today fashion magazine? This is my point of view, I would like to ask your forgiveness before I start my debate. No offense ya. Today fashion magazine or any magazines. Totally out of logic, sometimes too radical and too freako perfecto. Okey, for example cover girl on the cover of a magazine been retouched until look so perfect. This makes girls out there dying hard to get what their favorite celebrity look like. That's wrong. I don't know what in your mind. But for me, it's wrong and need to be stop or please don't retouch until it look fake. Embrace what that person real look. That more important.

I would like to see in the future once awhile someone very successful but stylish with their own way out from glamazista world. But I don't blame any editor choosing their cover girls are movie stars even fashionistas. That is the money maker. Few years back, I did realized most of fashion magazine articles were attracted with datin gossips and fashionista so called dreamland with designers stuffs. First time I was attracted and love to know more about how was IT ladies and guys way of living. But after that, I start to feel annoyed with that kind of articles. Too expensive and fancy beyond normal.

Okey,I guess i need to stop criting about it. But I would love to see new changes. More Edgy,Fresh and Informative. That what I really want from a good fashion magazine. For me, What we read and had now is good but need a little uhm! and little ahh! then the magazine will alive. For example, our new local fashion magazine STYLE: Magazine (Malaysia) is my favorite text book now. So, about you? Any comments about our topics. I will glad if you give your honest comments or share your opinion to me.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Without Magazine

It been months I didn't catch up any fashion magazine. Ya, sound and look like budak ketinggalan zaman but sorry I more up-to-date than a fashion magazine nowdays. In this past few months, I only updating myself through fashion blogs and or chit-chatting with my designer friends. I try to move forward and catch up fast what I already missed. Talking about magazine. Did you know how hard Breeze Magazine to get in Sepanggar, 1Borneo or Menggatal Town even Inanam Town? There I was balik-balik tanya cik penjaga kedai magazine or even to the tauke. Semua pun cakap "hayyoo boy! tiada Breeze lagi ohh.." or worst "hayooo boy..just now the lady get the last one. They only sent two copy." Paling teruk! "Apa Breeze ohh? Sabun cuci kain ka?" Ohhh damn! I guess I need to open my own business related with bookstores-cafe. I will get the best ones. Please, dear Breeze. Send your hot magazine in Times Bookstores in 1Borneo and put it more.

Recently, I managed get one of it! Yay,me! It only cost for 2 Ringgit Malaysia. So,cheap but full pack with latest information about events, trends etc all around KK and Kuching. Saluteeeee BORNEO! Okey, I sound so dramatico here. I want express how I jealous (sikit je,okey) but happy in the same time with two of my lovely friends Jeffie and Azman as contributor. I wish someday my turn able to give something just like them. It's good to share your thought with others. Especially Azman story, love it very much and the way he write his article brings me to another world. While, Jeffie artwork! Ohh Myyy Goddd! You simply a young modern artist. We need this kind of people to bring Sabah move forward another level. Azman, He got the talent and aura to be a great journalist or magazine editor. Azman my dear with your background sure you can and Sir, I'm sorry if my english grammar or spelling and related not correct ya. Back to my story, after read the articles and cool columns I realized the magazine more light and not so fancy mancy. That makes the reader more attracted. Good job!

My darling Jeffie did promote his latest art project. Maybe some of you know about it maybe some don't. Mon Amour was under one name Jeffie Jeff brand. It was an accessories brand that created by Jeffie late mid this year. All Mon Amour collections specially hand-made design by himself. I can see all his design pieces really rare and unique. I really hope that in future he will consider to use best grade precious stones. I, Myself is a accessory and precious stones lover. Gemstones more sexier than diamonds. That's my personal point of view. Talking about his latest brand and himself. Jeffie did inviting me to his private event. Still don't know I able to come with my situation. But for now, but YES! I will come last minute but sadly not why my partner, dear Jeffie. Hope you okey? I will bring along my bestfriend. I really can't wait with your collections. Best of luck and congratulation my dear friend, Jeffie. So, fashionista or fashion blogger local and international you should check this guy. If any of you want his contact. Please refer to my previous blog, there full detail about where the location or contact number .

Source: Jeffie Jeff Photograph Snapshots.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Learn More about Investment!

Nearly 2 months my beloved dad not around me. Yes, I do miss him..very very badly. He's the hero in the family, my source of laughter and the one who always will be there for me. Honestly, I'm feeling exhausted, my brain 24.7 brainstorming like never ended and worst no one understand me including family even my own lover. I just shut my big mouth and let it over but the thing is getting more complicated. Night and day, I pray wishing someday 1 person can understand a little piece of me with the situation going on. I really need a peace of mind, understanding and gather if any issues that burden our daily. What sad me the most. I don't even cry to release my sadness. I felt numb and very very lost. Only God knows. Yes, I try to be strong and the stand out son that my dad can be proud of. I try my best, without promises.

Uhhh waaa! That's enough! I'm so EMO. Too emotional or maybe something something yada yada..but I managed step the 1st stage this full month. At least I didn't show myself as dumb dumbie the fatty boy. Well, I just a ordinary boy from Sepanggar opening his new chapter in life. Okey, It was a great month for me kena sindir "si Reagan tidak pandai bawa kereta si mendiang?" I only can respond with not so perfect smile. Yes, even to my family and relatives. Luckily, my loving grandma Endie from Kuching, aunty Vera and uncle Simon really understand me. I just don't want to make bad comment or whatever it is.

Let's open our brain together,Okey? Firstly, that is not own by me. It is my dad's car. Secondly, too big and heavy for me to handle it. Thirdly, saya masih lagi pegang lesen P. Not only that, how about the maintenance cost? and how long this car can cruising on the road? Will anyone help to give me answer. Ini luahan seorang anak yatim. Doa anak yatim sangat berbisa. Kalau tahu cakap ja tidak banyak membantu lebih baik senyap dan berfikir sedalam-dalamnya sebelum sindir orang. Saya tidak juga ambil kisah sangat tapi bayangkan semua yang hantam saya semuanya lebih berusia daripada saya. Bagaimana saya, main sembur cakap to your sons or daughters. Anda suka? I don't think so. So, relax lah..give me a break! My dad passed away. That's not a joke.

Before my late dad passed away, he did discuss with me about new car. Firstly, I didn't agreed. But I listen the reason why he want to buy any new car for me and my mum. I did told him much better discuss it with the big ma'am. But deeply in my heart I want the new Exora! So suitable for the family and plus I love to travel. Sadly, every plans hancursss. So, my lovely grandma Endie did ask me to check cars in Perodua and Proton. I agreed! I salute with local brand. Although, I love Hyundai and Toyota brand. But now, serious decision is a must. Bukan mau bagaya! sa ni bukan kaki mau bagaya kalau time daurat kak tipah oi..bajet kena ada dan kualiti ketahanan dititikberatkan.

Last 2 weeks ago, uncle Martin and aunty Vera bring to Proton Showroom. Dengan kepala ku yang blur dan penuh kilik-kilik try la macam-macam jenis kereta proton. Sayangnya, Proton Exora saya tak try duduk. Tapi takpe! I Love the new Proton Saga and sexy sporty Proton Persona. My heart to Proton Persona! From performance until detailing in the car. Setanding dengan kererta mewah juga. I thank you very much to uncle Martin helping me that day. Same to my lovely aunty. I learn a lot about car that day.

After three of us had our lunch. We move to Taman Bukit Sepanggar. I just follow. There again I learn something new and very useful for my future. Three of us, go house haunting..kunun-kunun lah. Pergi lah tengok kiri dan kanan. Then, we decided visit the show unit. Ngam-ngam masa tu lot baru sedang dibina. Yes, it's so beautiful! stylish! very uhmm! so urban style! hahaha if you got 200K go la beli satu. It's a good investment. If I got that amount of money. Yes, I take it then I play with it. There I go from Fashion to Investment. But still the same method. If you bought a beautiful couture dress or tailored suit by Valentino or Versace when it turn vintage. Try sell it. Maybe you can get 50k in your hand IF your pick the IT piece. See Fashion is everywhere! from history 'till investment. Just love FASHION!

One Love

It been months I didn't write any blogs. On and Off, day by day my stupid days filled with worries and unsettled problems. After back from long vacation (back from Kuching for Gawai celebration) I can feel something big will be happening, but still I don't what it is. Lack of inspirations my lazy bones makes me more amazing super lazzo lazy! I didn't write blogs even my sketch designs. Then one day! I decided move my old blog to a brand new blog and way of write. Ok,I managed write one damn blog. What is that? Then so late to post it up in my page.

In the sudden, one of my bestfriends message me up through Facebook. "Ohh! It's Nena! She's BACK! Why I didn't realized and knew about it? What's wrong with me this few days?" So, I mark into my brain I need to go out and air of fun. "Come on REAGAN! You still young." Ok, I contact all my bestfriends and met up at 1Borneo. There was me dress-up out from trend (trashy me!). Ok, this is the latest me. More casual and grown up. There I saw Nena drove her Rav4 pass by Starbucks cafe. "Ok! just great! Nena and Pynqy dress up very glam..while me?? Ohh Gosh!"

Then, both them show up with big open hugs towards me. I miss them very much. One was in europe busy study medical other busy raising her staring. Well, sylvester? Umm..I don't know. We wait him so long. Nearly,1 hours and half. Three of us search for a great place to get our lunch. Nena pop a question to me. " Reag,What's wrong? You very quite and I can see your mind off somewhere..any problems?" I reply "I'm Ok but recently I can't sleep very well and many stuffs in mind." guy with sassy style. "It's mummy syl! wow..! so classy!" said Pynqy. There was me again still blur in my own land. Then, we move to Kahve Cafe for great drinks,snack & hot gossips. Thank you Jesus! Sylvester manage to open great topics. If not! Macam orang gila saya termenungAdui, kak jah oi kalau boleh sampai ke malam kami cerita. Kiri dan kanan mat salleh ngan mat arab pun tengok keriuhan kami berempat. I really enjoy that day. After that, Nena decided continue our cruise to Karambunai Nexus get fresh beach air and release personal tension by feel the breezy wind and clean white sands on the beach.

I'm very sorry, If my english grammar so confusing. At least I try to write something. It's quite painful to flash back a month ago senario. But I glad all my close friends try their best support and help me while in sad and hard moment. I really miss all of you! Macam tidak puas ja tu ari.. hope we can gather again like that day as a strong and very successful people than others. Amen!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Can anyone define about LATEST Fashion? I define FASHION as KUKULAND that no one is correct about it. Why? Every year we fight and keep running to catch the right key-trends for our personal wardrobe. I don't really like it! It's totally out for insanity! Trends keep changing year by year and every season we need to change our appearence according stupid trends. Can't just for a minute we be ourselves? Did you ever think about that? The main point I try to explain here is; Yes,there is fashion shows twice a year but did we did it correctly? HELL NO! Why? It's because we're different in styling. That's the true fact.

If you asked me about what my current style? are you follow any celebs or maybe top designers styling. I will say I wear my vintage shirts,vintage jeans and few classic tailored pants. Then,I will strut my best walk to 1Borneo for window shopping or drink a cup coffee at Warisan Square with model friends. That's the real me. Sorry, If I sound so angry. But please stop preaching about my WEIGHT or STYLE. This is the real me. I maintain myself, don't worry.

Owhh yeahh! bow to all plus size celebs and to you dear Andre! glad makcik Vogue tidak kukus kau sampai kurus kering. I nak sangat healthy models on the runway with great supporter by top names in the industry. Baru lah mak jah atau kak chubby tak muntah sakan dan senam sampai tak masak untuk suami and obsess tengok The Biggest Loser kat kaca televisyen sebab nak kuruskan badan. Hujungnya kesihatan dalaman tak jaga dengan baik. Akak semua kena minta nasihat doktor dulu baru nak buat benda drama-stik gitu. Jangan main jamah ja ubat-ubatan kononnya pil lansingkan badan. Ingat! Kesihatan Jantung, Hati dan Buah Pinggang, akak oiii!!.

Before I continue my blog, I would like to Thank you my lovely friend Coop Taha from London for the great and unique photos. You simply talented my dear and very stylish! Bangganya ada akak yang cantik macam you. She really adore and always embracing Mama Tom's (Dato' Tom Abang Saufi) creations. Especially,with any pua kumbu collection. Yeahh! embracing the borneoan root! BORNEO so mysterious with great motif prints. I really wish any A-List celebs come & visit my lovely Borneo land to experience sexy sandy beaches and romantic views all around. Don't worry, We all modern enough. Able to speak in English even enjoying nighlife like a Glam New Yorker or Hot Miami.

I really love London people! They so stylish with their unique way. They didn't feel afraid (like every fashionista here) to show what they want to presenting for the publie eyes. It's make me more and MORE inspires! Oooyohhoo! (left picture) : Two men with totally different style. One more glam-rocker but with edgy punch. Urghh! that's so sexy! I love the leather jacket with the beret cap. The other one, style more chic! So british! another great style to follow for young guys. Both this guys give a great taste and GUYS! you should dress-up more correctly like above photo. If you die hard a rocker, then get a clean glam rocker not the other round *no offense* If you a young executive then get a classic but with chic look. Sure every ladies will dying be around with you.

Akak oi! sekali I pandang ja akak ni amboi fashion faux pas dah dia. Rupa-rupanya pandangan daripada jauh I je. Akak ni lagi trendy dari akak-akak yang perasan vogue berkeliaran kat Pavillion atau kat 1Borneo. Bukan nak menghina ya, adakalanya ku pandang kanan ku pandang kiri wanita tempatan kat bandaraya pun OVER bila berpakaian apa lagi dari segi make-up. Teringat pula satu siri daripada Jerseylicious. Mak oiii kak jahhhh...make-up mak cik Olivia tu..dengan satu mak cik rambut sarang lebah..cukup gerunkan bulu romaku hingga boleh tergugur. Fuhhh..I suke yang simple tapi ganjil. (right photo) : This girl reminds me about a simple french girl getting ready attending fashion show in Paris. Hello! can't you see what with her? a HERMES BAG! God! I would like to get IT one for me and for my beautiful mum. Aww, that innocent mini jacket & 80's dress. Totally 80's but she manage to make it so in trend with her cute beret. For me, It's a safe look. Try something Uhm! next season ya my dear.

Another interesting style! I see 80's influence so strong this few years and will move forward. I must say 80's style more free-styling and more comfort especially leggings,cool long leather handbags and great loose coats. Everyone can look very stylish and expensive If you can mix & match your wardrobe.

Tips: Get a or learn great hairdo style, must have amazing leather with detailing handbags or clutch, simple make-up and last part CRAZY clothes! play with trends then you can feel the real fashion rather then follow the latest trends like a fool. You should try it! Vintage stuffs GREAT! yeah!

God! I so embracing street-chic wear now! Don't be afraid to play your style! Be free!



Simple report by BorneoBoy:

After screaming & scatching to see all the photos. I can see there's few designer really inspired by Morocan and Middle East vibes. There chic turban,Caftan Influence,soft fabrics with beautiful warm colours that really suite for Spring/Summer.

Nude colours! yeah! I really miss this colour. I really suite for cruising on yatch or drifting waves on speed bot. from this photo we can see sheer fabric is back not only that clean cut dresses! I can see few designer really want back to basic. No more Gaga-S?

Ummm..I'm bored to talk more style on runway! For me, It's the same..round and again..round. Style from the 60',70's mid 80's and late 90's still relevan until now. Even my grandma said the same thing. That's the truth.

Source: Photo - Credit to Ms.Coop Taha from London.