Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hello, London Fashion Week!

Fashion Week is back around the world from London, Paris..Milan until New York. I just love the feeling to see all the trends, beautiful unique artwork by talented designers and mixture of crowd. If you been there, I'm sure every season you will attend it. If I living in any this big cities. Hell yes! I will attend it every season. Fashion is a big thing for me because Fashion is my life; I breathe..walk and talk FASHION.

London Fashion Week, Where all trends gather around from hard rocker 'till to couture lover. That really inspires me to create new designs. The colours, sassy-classy haido, interesting fabrics, shapes and sizes, WOW! simply unique. London is a beautiful city with grace and romantic but poweful. That makes London people style more edgy and couture-chic! Love their mix and match style. Mix&Match can get a perfect complete look.

Be different is a fashionable thing. London is an interesting place to explore and searching for inspiration. Amazing jackets in many type of version from leather until to mink. Crazy prints fabric, simply ethnic-chic vibes. Pick tweed, sheer, pencil, thigh slit, big volume or maybe tight long skirt you will feel sexy in anytime.  

Yummy bags! I love the rocker skull Thomas Wylde's Clutch and Hermes Birkin bag.
Sassy Classy!




Photographs: Credit to the talented Photographer - Coop Grace Taha.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BorneoBoy's OSCARS Report

Oscars, where all the actresses and actors gather as one in a prestigious party. Everyone walking dashing in lavish tuxedo and stunning in couture dresses and gowns, can you imagine it? Umm haahh the glitz and glam moment, everyone look super duper good for the special event..yes, event of the year. 2012 Oscars Red Carpet galore quite sad for me. Only few really catch my attention. Let's start with Angelina Jolie, She wore a beautiful classic black by Atelier Versace with thigh slit with the sexy peep toe pumps by Salvatore Ferragamo. The look simply a stunning for Angie, but I really love to see her with more bold colours in future or maybe something she wore like at the Golden Globe. Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad, simply a stunner! The plunging dress is a winner. Sexy mix Classy Glamour. The cut and lines bring the sizzling illusion. Love her hairdo, beautiful Hollywood Goddess. Milla Jovovich, famous with her big talent in acting and action not forget her classic mysterious look. That evening she wore a beautiful Elie Saab Couture dress with one shoulder. The cut and detailing totally a Wowwwie! Love it very much. Edie Parker clutch and Jacob & Co. Jewels as her best accessories that evening. One thing I love about her that evening, that sexy deep red lipstick simply end her look, You're Sexy dearie! Love your look. Octavia Spencer, Dearie! I love love love your look for the Oscars. Big congrats Tadashi Shoji, you're genius! You make Octavia look stunning and different that evening with the white jeweled dress. The cut really suit for curvy ladies. Judith Leiber Jewels and Jimmy Choo shoes complete her look.

Gwyneth Paltrow, I quite surprise to see Gwyneth appear at the red carpet with a soft white long dress with cape by Tom Ford. Interesting look because it simple and clean also classic. Michelle Williams, Yay! She look different and pick something bold but still with her personality touch. The coral chiffon dress by Louis Vuttion, simply classy chic. The cute bow brooch and the hot pink clutch complete her look.

Photographs - Credit to the talented photographers :
Gregg DeGuire, Kevin Mazur, Steve Granitz and OMG! Yahoo.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Satchel Bag - Classic Touch Always WIN!

Here again, I talking about bags. The satchel bag, well-known around the 60's and most of the designs show the UK fashionably chic style. Recently, I'm thinking to splurge myself by end of the year or mid this year. I did list down my wish list but end-up, yeah! what the hell. I'm not rich boy and my salary NOT even reached 2-5K. So, come on! be serious and see the reality. Yes to Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and the list go on. When thinking it back, It is NO for me. I such an idiot to cutting down here and there just to own an amazing bag. Positive thinking, I'm move-on and be a normal fashionable kid. I prefer using affordable things but still look ulta-expensive chic. I still grateful what I have now. I still loving my simple life and be free..more relax. Thank you God.

Then, one day I saw a nice unique bag at website (If I not mistaken). The minute I saw it. Damn! I'm falling in love with this design. I want it so badly! It's a must in my unpretty closet! Ohhhh God, It really suit my style. VINTAGE meets MODERN. I love the shape, the new NEON colours and most important..the material. The high quality material play important role especially to produce any amazing bag. Most satchel bag using high quality leathers in each their designs. I still remember my grandma own the same style even my lovely mum. I did share information to my mum about it, my mum laughed. "See, fashion is recycling and my dear should keep in eye about it ya". True, I agreed with my mum. Fashion is same like learning history, keep on repeating the same thing but different way of presenting.

Umm..In God will, I hope this beautiful piece will be mine and of course I will use it wisely from weekdays to weekend. Yes, this bag simply like a chameleon. You can style it for work and casual. The best part is this beautiful bag really a good carrier when you traveling. Here I share with you all, Which colours or design that I love and may choose.


The Designer

The Batchel

The Batchel

The Batchel

The Music Bag

The Music Bag

The Classic

The Metalic

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Bottle of Perfume, Please?

My friends really love to talk about clothing, bags, shoes, accessories until latest gadgets. But, one thing that didn't missed in my glass closet. Fragrance. Yes, I'm a perfume lover. I love many type of perfume brands. I don't mind, If it's cheap or expensive. I will bought it, If suit with taste and daily use. Oh yes, everyday. Smell good can give you confident and people will easily near to you. But NOT all love the scents that we use. Beware with it ya, my friend. I started using perfume in my tender age of 13. There is a reason I use perfume too young. Let it become my sad story secret. Nobody knows it. Even my mum said to me "Gan my son, you too young to own and use perfume". Then, one day..while my late dad cleaning all his perfumes and souvenirs. My late dad call my name and hand-over one of his favorite perfume Tactics by Sheisedo from the 80's. It was a great feeling the moment I received it. Vintage and smell fresh-sexy! Love it alot. I just wonder where I can get this great perfume again? My first perfume..just love it. Now, I feel regret. I should save few drops for my remembrance about my late dad.

The Big Pony Collection by Ralph Lauren, No. 4

One of my favorite Valentine's Date scent,
Polo Black by Ralph Lauren.
Smell sweet and romantic, my partner love it too!

Be manly and smell like a gentleman. Choose Bvlgari Man!

My bestfriend If I go out for a hot date..hahah.
Ya, I feel sexy and yummy with Hot Water by Davidoff.

From Day to Night, You're my favorite! I'm a CHANEL guy.
Bleu de Chanel smell simply manly sexy and strong. Allure Sport brings inner-calm and freshness while Allure Edition Blanche, you're my babe! I will bring you along when I attending an event.

Ohh GUCCI! I will feel Guilty to spray you..again..again and again. You smell so mellow, sweet and so yummy! Love it so much. This is so special for me because it was a special gift from my "keluarga angkat". Thank you so much :)

My birthday present (last year), The Big Pony Collection miniature.

Allure Homme by Chanel. Currently, My new baby :)
Smell classic and fresh, simply my taste.

Ummmm...I wonder what's next?
Maybe Annick Goutal or if can any vintage fragrances ?
: Fingers-crossed :

Celebrating LOVE with WW Magazine

WW Magazine February issue!
featuring the singing couple Noh & Nina.
Month by month, I feel fall in love with WW Magazine.
 Love the ad. spreads, the articles and interesting information.
 WW really fashionably smart!
But for this month issue,
love it so much DOUBLE! my favorite singing couple as WW issue cover and inside models.

 Kak Wirda & Datin RJ, you should produce in English version for WW. I can see international vibe in
WW Magazine.

with my good and supportive friends featured in WW Magazine.
(Susan Shahira, Me, Wirda, Datin RahmahJan, Nicky and Mae)

I feel little surprised, the moment I flip and saw this page.
Thank you so much WW, I didn't expect will be in WW Magazine.