Saturday, December 31, 2011

Part II: Double Wow! It's JKhan & RJ Couture!

22 December 2012 , The big day is finally here!. I decided to follow my sisters to take a look the ballroom before dressing up & doll-up. Everyone look very busy with their part. Few busy with the deco and few busy with RJ Couture-JKhan rack arrangement, some busy with sound system and some busy with practicing. It is a good experience for me to learn more the true story before and after an amazing fashion show or party. The ballroom look very different from last night from the table setting, dazzling chandeliers until to the wall of fame setting. I'm impressed with the team work. Good job everyone. The time show it's nearly 1 o'clock. I can see everyone in the rush to complete the ballroom into an exciting place even someone enter it later this evening. Everything will be perfect when i'm back. I'm sure all the guest will feel wow! the moment they stepping in to this ballroom. There Bey (Datin RJ's sister), Suhaila (Bey's cousin) and I, take a peek to the make-up room to see the models. I just love the hairdo and make-up. Simply couture! You can't get any fashion show that very detail like Datin RJ did,especially here in Kota Kinabalu. It is time for me to dress-up, two hours left before the event. Everyone in the room busy with their make-up, steaming their dresses, some preparing the couture dresses for the show, some busy choosing the right shoes or what the best accessories to wear. Simply chaotic. I just love the atmosphere.

My look that evening inspired from my favorite perfumes Chanel (Allure-Edition Blanche) and Gucci (Guilty for Men). Actually, I didn't know what I should I wear that particular evening. Thank God, I bring along few back-up shirts and trousers with me. I always stay-by and always be alert. I may don't look so trendy or macho or whatever you want to describe me. Like my grandma always said to me, [classic mixed your attitude = look good!] My mind rolling around..should I wear black or white. I stop, I left my stuffs for awhile on the bed and concentrate with my hairdo. After that, I spray my perfumes. The moment I smell the fresh scent. I decided to wear my white shirt, charcoal-grey colour trousers and style it with my tailored vest. I take a look to the mirror again. Uhmm..something missing here. I complete my wardrobe with a beautiful soft black scarf from London. Dazzle-up with my Bedazzled Swarovski Owl Brooch, Blue Sand Stone with white gold ring and fully round Swarovski stones ring and finish my look with leather clutch and my favorite Valentino Rudy white Shoes.

It nearly 6 P.M, It's time to go down and meet all the beautiful fashion lover and high-fashion people in Kota Kinabalu. The minute we arrived, I take the opportunity to see the ballroom. "Ohh my God! It's so beautiful. Okey, I will take a look you again ya my dear ballroom, ambik gambar dulu" said I. Before there no ones disturbing or clashing-bumping all at once for the Wall of Fame. Me, The RJ's Sisters, my cousin Susan Shahira, Mae, Mansor, Wirda and Emran taking charge the wall. Pose and pose until the first guest stepping into the lobby. All of us having fun. Well, it is a fun evening to experience. Ohh yes, pose again but this time all snap by the photographers until I ran from it, enough taking photo let others have their chance. I decided to find my table and have a few minute rest before the show started. I falling in love with the ballroom setting, lighting, music and flower deco. I see Christian Dior by John Galliano's Party or Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld's Party. It's so international! I totally love it. I just cannot wait to see all the model to strut their walk and pose very avant garde chic!.

I with "The Malaysia's Anna Wintour" WW Magazine Editor-in-Chief - Wirda Adnan

I with The Owner of RJ Couture & JKhan - Datin Rahmahjan Sulaiman Khan

KK's Famous Fashionista & Socialite - Masley & Rozita

EVENTfrinders Event Director & The Owner Glide Models - Susan Shahira & Mae

KK's Fashionista Famila Kee

The ballroom fully packed with KK's VVIP, fashionistas and fashionistos and business people. It is a great honour that evening the graceful Toh Puan Hajah Rahimah  as Datin RahmahJan's special guest. Thank you so much for the support ma'am. I really adore your style. Everyone look great that evening. Most of them dressing up according the fashion theme and some not. But I'm sure everyone dress-up what the best with their personality. Fashion is too subjective. But that evening, there few guests that really catch my eyes. The famous Fashionisto Mansor in his amazing leopard print jacket with his bedazzled rock and roll skull clutch. My dear friend Mansor, you always amazed me with your cool look! The stylish Fashionista Evanna Hassan in her red lace dress. If I not mistaken, the fabric is from high quality lace by Christian Dior. The beautiful Mae in her gold long dress very grecian, totally look great on you dearie. The necklace that you wear so unique and very stylish - simply Versace look alike. It is a great feeling to meet again The Fashion Blogger Ms.Ervina Erfie at the event. I also a fan with her 50's Hollywood style. That evening she wear a body hugging dress with simple beads earing and necklace. Simple yet stylish and fresh. Everyone look great with their special way that evening.

With the graceful eldest sister to Datin RJ - Zaharah Sulaiman Khan

The beautiful trendy WW Magazine Manager - Bibi Azlina Sulaiman Khan

The Stunning Stylista of RJ Couture & JKhan Executive Director
Bey Sulaiman Khan & her Cousin (in black dress)

Around 8 A.M, the fashion show is started. The atmosphere turn different moment the show started, everything run smoothly with the lighting and italian-french opera musical. Simply Milan or Paris love. That what I feel while I watching the models strut their walk. The top models is in town! Deborah, Tini, Suzana & Anna. Not forget, our lovely Sabahan top models too. Each of them, play important role. Good job girls!.
RJ Couture and JKhan collection is the best! Each of the dresses really amazed me. Their very detail touch, the high quality fabrics and pearls, beads or crystals until the perfect cutting and seams..Oh GOD! I'm falling in love with their artwork. I very good in observing and I'm a great fan with Haute Couture & Ready-To-Wear including Fashion History. I can see that RJ and JKhan brand is stepping into international market and standard. JKhan Clothing Line, I adore this brand very much!. I'm hoping that next coming show I would like to see more Classy and Chic style. While JKhan Handbag Collection is a STUNNER!. The boss,herself have her own taste and vision. I'm amazed with the fabric that she choose and the lovely shapes in each handbags she design. From iPad cover, casual Tote bag, beautiful clutches until to her fine leather handbags, most of their bag choosing cow and lamb skin leather. Every women will love it. Hoping that in future JKhan will create few bag collection for Men too. 



Tote Bag with high quality polyster fabric

Traveling Bag with alluring shape, for sure you will look confident carry it around while waiting your flight.

The event runs smoothly from food until the entertainment. What interesting that evening, different like the previous entertainer. The guest been serenade by the amazing singer SAM. I like your voice and style, Sir. The songs? Marvellous! I'm a big fan of Romantic, Retro Music to early 90's songs. Groovy night! that need to be remembered in my 2011 dairy. I had a fun night with my fashion friends. From afar, I can see alot of fashionistas shopping RJ Couture and JKhan dresses, accessories including sizzling JKhan new collection handbags. Thank God, I already pick my stuff early. If not I will be sandwiched with all the beautiful ladies too while choosing and checking..hahaha.

JKhan 738 is COOL!!!

Special Message,
Dear my sister Datin Rahmahjan & Sisters,
I would thank you so much for the hospitality
invitation to your lovely superb event.
I had a great time and capture amazing experiences.
I dedicated this blog for you my four sisters.
To my Four sisters, Thank you so much! Love you & you all rocks!
Will keep on supporting you all.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wow, It's JKhan! : Part I

I still remember, the moment..I marking down the calendar to remind myself about Malaysia International Fashion Week this year. Ohh yes, I feel super excited about it. I even planned my leave, flight and where to stay. Sadly, AGAIN! My sweet plans ruin. Well, the whole drama-lama-glama is over and I move on. Thank you to my darling sister Datin RahmahJan, recently bring happy news for me. “ The show will not ended there my dear little brother, don’t be worry. I will bring the runway excitement to KOTA KINABALU and share it with my friends and loyal customers too." said her.  There many surprises prizes await the guests to grab it. The more I hear about the details the more interesting and tempting. The best part is been invited to stay a night or two with the team by Datin RahmahJan herself at The Pacific, Sutera Habour Resort. The minute I hear it, I replied to her “I will be there my dear sister to support you and learn new experiences. No, worries. I’m sure my stay will be fun surround with my good friends as one fashion family.” Thank God, I already apply my leave earlier - few days before Christmas Day.
Day before the event, I feel so strange and nervous the whole day like something bad going to happen. I spend few quiet minutes pray to Him hoping that my family, close friends, love one and I in good health and protected from harm and sickness. I try to calm myself and the best to finish my daily tasks before off on my holiday. I don’t drag myself down just because one unknown feeling. After work, I pick-up all my stuffs then drove to Sutera Habour Resort. The whole way from place until KK City center; traffic jam. I do understand. It is Christmas season, school holiday then sandwich together with after office hours. Of course, massive traffic jam will be all round in KK City. Thank God, I still feel fresh and calm although my day quite tiring. Then, while I’m driving to continue the queue on the road. Bang! I thought someone hitting my car from the back. I take a peek from the mirror. Thank God, It’s not my car. Maybe my way to the destination has been blessed by God and it is luck to be there. All the way I drove my car with my hands and body shaking because everything happen so fast. The moment I arrived the best I can try to center myself.

The moment I saw my cousin Susan Shahira from afar straight to my mind. Okey, I'm here nothing to worried. Everything going to be fine. I only able to release sigh. It was a big relief my cousin, friends including my darling sisters there to comfort me. Such a drama fluffy king,right? But i'm not playing around but it is like a bad phobia for me. Thank God, I don't cry that particular time. Half an hour for me to center my mind and soul, body too. I sat next to my dear sister Datin RJ surround with her darling fashion friends. Slowly my mood turn okey and feel content. Well, infront of me is Wirda the famous Magazine Editor, Emran - the cool fashionable banker and Mansor the amazing Malaysia’s Trendsetter. No time to be stupid and my body-mind be controlled by the situation. I take a look around the ballroom. Although, the team still trying hard to set-up the deco and make sure each of the details show the best result for tomorrow evening. I adore the way Datin RJ when do her work. She is very active and think great ideas in few seconds. Creative and Smart, that is the true Datin RahmahJan.

It is a great feeling for me when a friend of mine talking or sharing all about fashion. Yes, Fashion is my passion. There come a point when I think it deeply. How deep is my devotion for it? How deep is my language and knowledge about it? How consistent – in my style and attitude with Fashion. Did anyone think or come with the above questions. Maybe I sound little bit crazy but that is the true confession of a Fashionisto. It has been a long time I didn’t write any story for my darling loyal readers because focusing with my work and family. Yes, I do have a serious life. Living in the damn reality world. Serious on the day and Fun in the night. I let my darling readers to think with my questions. If you can answer it. You're still in the circle. Back to my story, After hours and hours with deco arrangement and Audio checking. All of us take a rest and having our dinner together. Simply love it. We eat, laugh and chit-chating as one Fashion family.

Its nearly midnight, she still trying hard to come out the best deco for her event. I really admire the way she work, the passion for her brands but still remain humble and very caring to all her family members, close friends and staffs. I did wonder how she can handle it all? Two tips that she teach to me is always be thankful and stay-grounded. Such a good role model for the youngsters. I observe, each of them in the room. Some busy with their gadgets and some busy discussing for the next plans. I guess everyone playing their role a JKhan team. While I, busy writing my blog through Active Note from my phone. Ya, sound so professional or like someone very important. Ohh ya, in my dream! keep on dreaming buddy! wake-up! hahaha. I wish I can be like Victor Blanco or BryanBoy. But my blog not so great like they did. There many things I have to learn, ya,alot! From names, history until tiny details. Trust me, not all can pronounce Chanel or Dior correctly. Okey,back to my story. After satisfied with first stage look. Datin RJ decided go back to her room and take rest. It is a great honour to stay in at The Pacific, Sutera Habour. Again! we continue chit-chating but more relax and chill in our pyjamas. Datin RJ's servants look very cute all in pyjamas uniform. Ohh my, It's nearly 1 am. Then, the bell rang. The hansome and tall Mr.Sang just arrived with huge luggage bags with him. In my mind, please..please tell me that is the new collection. One by one the new collection revel infront of Datin RJ, Wirda, Me, Nicky, Cyril and including the servants too. Our face expression look so excited and very happy to see all of them. But my eyes can't help it anyone. The moment everything clear, I straight to my bed and sleep. Tomorrow will be another exciting day. I ready my curtain wide open at least the moment I open my eyes, I will see clean blue sea with luxurious yatchs wait to take-off.

In the sudden, I heard something falling. I force my eyes to open. Ohh okey, the black Tote Bag say Hi to me. Then, when I turn my body; I saw a beautiful bright morning. The sky so clear, blue ocean with the yatchs at the Sutera Habour jetty. It is an interesting morning for me to wake-up with different view. I feel so blessed,calm and thankful. I take few minutes admiring the beautiful view from the window then take my bath. Only half an hour I left, after I return..WOW! beautiful JKhan's bags. There was my dear sister Datin RJ busy arranging and checking her bags for tonight sale. My eyes can't stop to take a look JKhan Tote Bag. I will call it as a Tote Bag not a Shopping Bag. The bag suitable for a fashionable guy. Great to bring it at the office or weekend outing. High quality polyster fabric with fine cow leather. The gold JKhan logo totally a stunner. I love the bag, simply stylish and practical. Okey! I take it one. I guess that morning Mansor, Emran and I are the first customer to support their new collection. The minute, three of us get our bags. We go out and show it to the public for the first time. Feel proud to carry it same feeling like you carry a LV bag.
22 December 2011, The big day is finally here....!!! ( to be continued )

Monday, December 19, 2011

Write a Letter to Santa Claus: BorneoBoy's 5 Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

1. Health and Happiness. I love my family, love one and close friends (you know who you are). I pray all my love ones (including me too) in good health and full with happiness in this beautiful season. Thank you so much, always be there with me when I'm in tears and hard time. You all always bring joy and courage to me so that I cann stay strong and stay grounded. God bless you all. Merry Christmas everyone xoxo. Together we hit 2012 to continue our big plans and dreams. Most important be happy and stay humble.

2. Big Surprises. Dear God, please send me joy or something special for me. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!! pleaseeeeeeee......

3. Unite as ONE. It is my big wish to see my big family gather at one big table. Bring some changes in their hearts with love and honesty.

4. Big Change for 2012. I really work hard and too much pressure this one year and wait for the moment nearly 14 years. Maybe 2012 is the new beginning for me.

5. Around The World & Meeting The Icon. It is my forever big wish to attend International Fashion Week and be on the jetplane; Travel, bring my country name to the world. Meet my favorite icons and learn more about Fashion and the Market.

                                                                                Love, BorneoBoy xoxo

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chanel Always The Best!

CHANEL M├ętiers d'Art Paris-Bombay 2011/12

[Credit to the photographer]