Wednesday, July 27, 2011


" Fashion is my BEST interest. For me, I don't aim for GLAMOUR or FAME but I aim to be the brand that everyone will remember me when I'm gone " - Fashion Observer/Blogger : BorneoBoy
(Mr. Reagan Munang)

WHAT I PICK: Working Attire for Modern Guy



Source (photos) : Credit to the talented photographer. All photos taken from - fanpage : Milan/Paris Men's 2011.

What I can see nowdays, Fashion for Men is getting more and more hotter on the runway. That is a good respond not only Women have their own season trends. I quite excited to see the trends with different cut and shapes. Photos above: Valentino Men's Collection (Attn: I'm sorry, If I mention the wrong brand) was my top pick/style for working attire. Most of the style are in my dictionary. A real modern guy who really care about his appearance, of course will know what to wear and NOT. For me, keep it simple and sharp is the best.

Picture 1: Hello Simple Suit - Wear this on Monday. All of us know that blues will struck when comes on Monday. But Monday also an important day, guys we need to show confident and sober infront our bosses. We all know that there will be a wild and fun on the weekend. Simple classic suit is a MUST in your wardrobe. It may help you when you not in the mood for style. You just wear it and hit to the office.

Picture 2: Modern Love Classic Suit - Tuesday Mood. Get a more serious look with classy touch. What I really love about this suit is the cut. I like the side by side buttons and the length just nice. Plus,I adore the fabric. This suit appropriate from day in the office and night to attend a cocktail party. Stylish and macho; Suitable for a working modern guy. [One of my favorite look]

Picture 3: Stay Sleek & Relax - Wednesday Kick. Maybe you something more relax but still look appropriate for office. Try this style. But be careful. If you in a corporate field or relate, pick a plain white button-in shirt and rock your look. For those love style but want to keep it low. This is another way you can dress-up smart but casual. [One of my favorite look]

Picture 4: Neat & Straight - Thursday Steady. Thursday is the starting point when everybody cannot wait the week come to it end. Hello, Entertainment! BUT, working days still on. Maybe few of you want to dress-up casual still appropriate for office attire. This look is the best look for you. Turtle neck shirt with chic cardigan is a perfect combo.

Picture 5 & 6: Yeahhh,Weekend! - Fresh Friday & Cool Saturday. Get it loose guys! It's weekend. Try this two look. I suggest (for option) get a great black/dark brown leather jacket to complete your look (picture 6)

Friday, July 22, 2011

MY FIRST TIME: Malaysia Tatler Magazine

Simply LOVE July's Issues & Front Cover for Malaysia Tatler
featuring Datin Sri Intan Nur Rowena Baker as this month Cover Girl

It was my first time, I bought Malaysia Tatler magazine. I heard about the magazine but I never try take a look. So, this month I decided to pick this magazine. I quite surprise with magazine contents. I love the articles, the way their bring the topics & advertisement really catch my eyes. No wonder this magazine awarded as Luxury Magazine of The Year.

An article about Datin RahmaJan Sulaiman Khan
Owner to RJ Couture & JKHAN

Little story about Datin RJ

I totally enjoy reading this magazine. I saw many inspiring articles and beautiful snapshots for ad. campign. There's an article about Datin RahmaJan Sulaiman Khan also my fashion friend. I did met her face to face and talk about fashion and the industry too. Quite amazing, I had a beautiful chit-chat with this talented person. Yes, She's a soft-spoken woman and very strict with her work and etc. That's why I respect her like my own sister.
After I saw and read this article. It makes me think and grateful, I'm still a lucky person. I'm sad after reading Datin's past life. But she really inspires me to work more harder and reach all my golds.
I wish I have a great eldest sister like her. I would like to wish Datin RJ a best of luck for your coming soon event WW Magazine and Handbag launching. May God always bless you.

Overall, I falling in LOVE with this magazine!
Can't wait to buy the next issue :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NEW BABY: White Valentino Rudy Shoes!

Valentino Rudy Shoes in White colour

I just hate whenever SALES season come. There my naughty eyes searching good stuffs with good discounts.
It suppose that next week I will be in Kuala Lumpur to attend a big event. I should shop there; maybe will I found good shoes far much more better than here in Kota Kinabalu.
It was a long story..I cut it short. Last saturday, I suppose to take my perfume at CHANEL cosmetic outlet in Suria Sabah. Sadly, the person that I always deal with was not there. Then, I decided to take a look at Men Department. My naughty eyes straightly to shoes rack. But..It was quite so-so. Only two brands catch my eyes that particural time. I take a look this beautiful white shoe by Valentino Rudy. Simply my taste and one of my favorite colour too. The shape and structure of the shoe really suit for me. Modern meet Classic, perfect combo! 
Now, It's officially MINE.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coming Soon: WW Magazine



Friday, July 15, 2011


: Miss Deborah Priya Henry :


Ms. Deborah in her Official National Costume for
Miss Universe 2011

It was inspired from our local beautiful Wau Bulan.
What is Wau Bulan? Maybe few my readers were not Malaysians. I do understand most of you will wonder what is that. Well, Wau Bulan is one of Malaysia's traditional game and shape like a moon.
In Malay language - Bulan means Moon. Wau is more like a big kite. Most of Kelantan Men traditionally flown it. Fabric on the wau you can see beautiful floral motifs.

I would like to congratulate my darling friend Ms. Amir Luqman. Amir dearie like always your work amazed me.
I love to see simple design but can bring good vibes with outstanding statement. I love the details,draping...everything! It's beautifully in place my dearie. But I would like to see other traditional costume become your choice. I really hoping you will use Iban Costume as your reference in future.
I will so proud and happy to see the costume. If you design it.
Amir, again..congratulation ya.

Ms. Debbie dearie,work it your best and good luck. Make Malaysia proud :)

Photo source: Miss Universe/Malaysia Facebook Fan Page. I would like giving a good credit to the photographer taking this photos very well. Sadly, Your name not stated in the FB fanpage.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm a BAG LOVER: I WISH I own it..NOW!

(Men's Spring/Summer 2012)

Credit to - Official Fan Page

If I own this bag..for sure I bring it as my Casual Bag for weekend 
or as my Vaca Bag.
Simply love the colour & style.

Credit to - Official Fan Page

What a sexy bag! Love this bag too. If I have have this kind of bag. For sure,I proudly bring this bag here and there when I meeting with suppliers or going for private seminars. I feel sexy going to work with this bag. Yeah..keep on dreaming BORNEOBOY to own this bag. Sigh..hurmmm..

(Men's Fall/Winter 2011-2012)

Credit to photographer: Mazen Saggar/Louis Vuitton - Official Fan Page.

Actually,I'm NOT a big fan of LV but I do always keep myself updated about this brand.
It because I'm a big fan of Marc Jacobs. For the first time. After I saw this the sudden I starstruck. 
What a beauty! I simply love shape of the clutch. I wish I have this clutch. For sure, He will be my bestfriend whenever I attend any events in Kota Kinabalu or around the world.  

Credit to photographer: Mazen Saggar/Louis Vuitton

OhhhhMiiiiGawdddddddddd!!!! I so in love with this white clutch! Simply my taste. What a beauty! Well..I love this more than above clutch. Although, the shape is the same.


My everyday office bag. Versatile and Comfortable. 
Black Seed Bag

All this stuffs is a MUST in my bag

My Keys :)

 Water bottle and an Umbrella always stand in my bag :)
You don't know when you will be needed it,right?

Important files and schedule dairy always keep me in track

Can you believe I still bring my own pencil case? Yes, I did. I feel its more well-organized. Plus, It's ECO-GREEN fabric!

My phones. Nokia fan-freako! Yes, I'm a big of Nokia :)

Interesting book to entertain me from I getting bored :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


BORNEOBOY Rate for Beyonce [4] Album : 5/5 Stars

This is my current addiction! My fierce SISTA is back! TASTE-LICIOUS like always.
I can say that Beyonce getting more and more powerful in her vocal. I wish I can sing like her. She so blessed with the VOICE,BEAUTY and positive ATTITUDE. I simply loves all her tracks in this latest album. I feel that Ms. B try to bring more edgy-ness and her real soul and feeling in every track. YEAH! Beyonce ROCKS!

Can you rock that kind of shoes and take photo like everything so normal? Beyonce CAN!

There few tracks that really touch my feeling and reminds about my past and present life. Everytime I hear this track it makes me strong and want to move on my life more forward. I can say Soft Meet Fierce all in ONE.

 1. 1+1 - My favorite track (you should listen this)

2. I Care - (simple love it)

3. I Miss You - My favorite track

4. Best Thing I Never Had - My favorite track

5. Party Ft. Andre 3000 - (simple love it)

6. Rather Die Young  - (simple love it)

7. Start Over - My favorite track (you should listen this)

8. Love On Top - My favorite track

9. Countdown - My favorite track

10. End Of Time - My favorite track

11. I Was Here - My favorite track (you should listen this)

12. Run The World (Girls) - My favorite track

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SUMMER LOOK: Ohhh Crocs!

My new COVE MEN by CROCS in pearl white/navy colour. I bought it on last Tuesday;
Only MYR 169.00.
The price quite reasonable and its very comfortable.

Proudly wore it last Sunday for my Weekend Wardrobe. HAPPY! :)


The day of 090711

I just DON'T want to touch any sensitive issues. It just I want to expressed how I disappointed and very sad what happen on that day as a caring and normal citizen. I did do little bit of praying and hoping for the better situation. Maybe after seeing all this situation; God wants the nation to learn something about it. Quite sad to see all the drivers that stuck in this heavy traffic have to take their breakfast in the car and get late to their workplace. But I do THANKFUL with our goverment and police department handle it very well. Yes, we do need the roadblock and police spotcheck to PREVENT any problems on that day become worst. I do understand people that stuck in that day traffic have to cancelled their appointment or going to work. Well, everyone experience it too including me. I really hope theres NO MORE serious issues in future. I love my country and peace.

Snapshot taken around 9 to 10 a:m at KKIP - Polytechnique Kota Kinabalu Road.

Snapshot taken around 10 to 11 a:m

Sunday, July 10, 2011

EDUCAT_GLAMZONE: Ohhh..where is my dictionary?

It is my dream to involve and be in the fashion industry. I can said that my great grandparents; good from my late father's side or from my mother's side are a fashion lover. Most in their photos they really dress-up very well and very tailored. Fashion is flows into my blood. My late grandma able to sew her own dresses including my late father's daily wear. From my mother's side,theres my grandma is a Kebaya Maker and quite famous Fashionista in her era. Even my own parents is a Fashion Lover. I don't blame myself why I so in love with Fashion..everything related with ART. Its been a great honour, I'm back to the fashion scene. Still crawling after ups and downs. I'm here but still in a learning process. I do not claim myself so amazing, famous and know everything about Fashion. I'm a great LEARNER and every second we need to learn new thing in our life.

Attention: I hope theres NO hurts feeling with this particular blog. I want say here strictly and clearly. No names and personal problems involves. This topic is GENERAL. I will write based on what I and others experienced.

It is a long time I want to share the truth in fashion world. Maybe this blog will be the 1st part. I would like to ask all of you. What is the true meaning a Fashionista/Fashionisto, a Stylista/Stylisto or a Socialite/Socialito? For me, all of them hail to one force; that is FASHION.

Fashion, what do you understand about it? I guess all of you have your own ideas or thoughts about it. I can said that, fashion is a platform where you can see,touch and show it. Fashion in another meaning; the way a person dressing-up and expressing their mood. Fashion is too SUBJECTIVE. It is a big word to explain into pieces. For me, Fashion is a history and the true persona in each person. Why? Fashion trends is keep on changing but still recycling again and again the same vibes and cuts. From fashion, we can learn the inner beauty and amazing stories in each designs or sewing techniques or HISTORY behind it. Yes, we do can relate it. Example: my grandma is a former kebaya maker. You need to understand the history and techniques then you can create something that can amazed your clients.

Fashionista/Fashionisto. Actually, theres no term for Fashionista in the dictionary. I realized this word when I started as partime fashion stylist and illustrator back in 2007 - 2008. Not all know what is the real meaning of a Fashionista/Fashionisto. Most of people easily called a person with the term of fashionista just because she or he looks very current with fashion. That is not the true meaning of a Fashionista/Fashionisto. In my dictionary and what I have observed. Fashionista/Fashionisto is a person who look very stylish and trendy. They may look different in style some which more to classic mixed with modern and some may look very funky and bubbly. The best thing about this circle; they know how to dress-up from expensive until cheap pieces into a great style. Most of them devote their daily life with clothing, shoes...everything you named it as long its related with FASHION. One more thing about a real Fashionista/Fashionisto, They don't believe in trend. Mark it into your brain. I hope you can see the differences between a Fashionista or just a person who love Fashion.

Stylista/Stylisto. What is a Stylista/Stylisto? Who? It comes from the term of Style. Style is an expression and variation on the way a person clothing. Same like the above term theres no proper meaning of Stylista/Stylisto. I say it through what I observed and experienced. A Stylista/Stylisto is someone who can create a beautiful creation or become the one knows and predict what will be the next trends. Most of Stylista is a Fashion Designer, Fashion Editor/Writer and Top Stylist. They're the one who sitting at the front row when Fashion Week comes. Be in the group, you need to be well-educated and have good experiences all about Fashion Industry.

Socialite/Socialito. Socialite/Socialite come from the word social. A person that always socializing. A Socialite/Socialito are the privileged ones. They born in the well-known family background, much easier everyone called them trust fund babies. They were the one own designer's stuffs, latest collection and they even can get specially made ONLY for them. Most of Socialite/Socialito appear in many private parties or non-profit events. I have few Socialite and Socialito friends, they are very caring and love to help others (giving back to the public). Involving in any good cause charities is a MUST for them. Yes, I do understand few of them hit the clubs every night but they do have their own JOB. In the Fashion Industry, a Socialite hold big important role. They the one who can help to promote the designer brands. Even, most of them collaboration with designers to come out something new for their fans. It is because they are the public and the crowd-maker. Eye-catcher hunger wants to know what brand are they wearing/using. One thing that special about Socialite/Socialito, they always appear either in public or at private parties look very glamorous and up scale. I wish I can be one of them..but I thank you God giving what I have now. I perfect to be simple and free. I hope with this information will help all of you that still not even have a clue what the real meaning a hit with the term.

* Photographs : Credit to Mr.Victor Blanco, Ms.Grace Taha & JEFFIE JEFF Photography.


My Top Favorite Fragrance in 6 Months

CHANEL: Allure Homme Sport & Bleu De Chanel


RALPH LAUREN: The Pony Collection - No.4